What is Secret Chat and How to use it on Telegram

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Telegram is lot similar to WhatsApp as far as looks are concerned and that is the reason they have specifically mentioned a question in the list of FAQs that ‘How is it different from Whatsapp?’ Well this application might look similar to WhatsApp but the way it operates is totally different. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram uses their Cloud storage to store the messages and other kind of media files downloaded by the user on his Telegram account. So, the files which exchanged with your friends in not limited to your device where it has been downloaded, it can be checked from any other device on which this application is installed because of Telegram Cloud.


They have an interesting feature called secret message which is a way to exchange some secret message with any of your friends. This message is encrypted from the senders and then decrypted again at the receivers end. These messages are device specific and not stored over Telegram cloud. You can also decide whether they should auto destruct or not and if they should what should be the time duration for which he or she will be able to see that message. Before letting into more details, let us understand that how we use this feature.

How to Use Secret Chat on Telegram



It is an option which is available among the options available on the left side of the application User Interface. Now whenever you want to initiate any Secret Chat with any of your friends,

you will have to invite with a request, as mentioned in the screenshot below.



The user will have to come online once to accept this request

and once the request is accepted you will enter inside the chat lag where you can change the settings and make the messages self-destruct after a certain period of time. As you can see in the screenshot mentioned below, the self-destruct timer has been set to 1 minute.



To ensure that the chat is encrypted you can on the name of the receiver you will see the following screen (also highlighted below). There is an encryption which will be available with both of you and it should be same to guarantee that the chat is totally secure.


So, both ends have the same key which will decrypt the messages send by the other user in that chat. This key generated whenever you raise the request to have

a secret chat with someone. In case the other user is trying to take a screenshot of that screen then it will also display that action over the chat log.

This feature is really secure and hence whenever you wish to share any of your confidential details with any of your friends or family then this application can be really handy. Apart from this, this application has many good features as compared to WhatsApp and other Instant Messenger (Like Group Capacity to 200 members, Secret Chat, accessing chats and other media files through desktop etc) but it has lost its first mover advantage and that is the reason why it is being difficult for them to capture a good market share till now.

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