How To Send iMessages From Windows

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The instant messaging client introduced by Apple not so long ago has revamped how Apple users used to interact with each other. With iMessage, Apple iDevice users including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch could interact with each other and share files. Later with OS X Mountain Lion the facility was introduced in the Mac computers. However, many users frequently ask us about a tutorial on how they can actually use the iMessage service on their Windows powered desktop or laptop. This is something which would have come to your mind even in case you moved from Apple’s iOS to any other smartphone operating system, and the answer to your query is, yes, we can. Simply follow the tutorial below and start using iMessage from Windows powered system instantly.

How To Send iMessages From Windows

Remote Access, a powerful jailbreak tweak from the times of iOS 6 has finally been ported to iOS 7 and 64-bit architecture allowing Windows users to user browser based iMessage service in case they wish to use the service via Windows.

NOTE: This tutorial requires you to have a jailbroken iDevice. Kindly take a complete backup of your device before proceeding. To jailbreak your iPhone, follow the tutorial below.

Follow the steps below to send iMessages from Windows:

  • On your jailbroken iDevice, simply tap on the Cydia app from your device’s springboard, and tap the bottom right search button to search for Remote Access tweak.

The tweak is available under the BigBoss repo for USD $3.99, and should install on your device by tapping on the top right button. Once installed, you can exit Cydia now. You can also download Cydia tweaks for free. Simply refer to our article below.

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  • Now, navigate to Settings->Remote Access to configure the settings on your iDevice. You will need to enter a Username and Password manually to initiate the process. Simply choose any of your own choice and if possible, provide the port number, else leave the port number.

How To Send iMessages From Windows

  • Tap on Enable to turn it ON and wait for the server to connect.

How To Send iMessages From Windows

  • Now, note the IP in the Current IP section of the app and enter that IP manually into your web browser on your Windows computer followed by : and the port number. Like,

How To Send iMessages From Windows

  • Enter the username and password you provided on the app screen on your device. That’s it. You can access iMessages right from your Windows powered computer now.

send imessage from windows

Remote Access has been the favorite jailbreak tweak for a good number of iMessage users, as they can access their favorite IM client right from their desktop computers and send iMessages from Windows. Here are some features of the amazing tweak.

  • SMS / iMessage Support:

The tweak synchronizes with iOS seamlessly thus giving users a device like experience on their web browsers. This is made possible using WebSockets hence, the same incoming or outgoing messages will appear on your device’s as well as web browser’s screen.

  • Transfer Files/ Pictures:

The best part about Remote Access is that you can actually transfer files between your computer and your iDevice provided both of them are connected to the same WiFi network.

  • Typing Notifications:

Have you noticed that you get to see three dots like . . . when somebody is typing on the other end of an iMessage conversation? You will also receive the same notifications on your web browser screen as well on your Windows PC.

  • Device Status:

That’s not all to it. You can also check your device’s battery backup as well as WiFi strength using this amazing tweak. Simply connect your device as well as desktop computer to the same network.

We loved the tweak, and it’s definitely a handy solution for those of you who are heavily into iMessaging.

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