How To Send Music Files Via WhatsApp On HTC One M8

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HTC’s One M8, the flagship Android powered smartphone from HTC is for sure making a wave around the web. Recently we got our hands on the 16GB Amber Gold variant of One M8, and tried to conquer it all inside out for our readers. Our aim at SwapMyApp has always been to provide real time tutorials covering the latest trends in technology for our loyal readers. Talking about WhatsApp, the application itself has become a part of our every day business. In case you just bought an HTC One M8, you would want to know how to make the most of WhatsApp application on your device. For instance, transferring music files to and from your device via WhatsApp. So yes, here’s a tutorial on how to send music files via WhatsApp on HTC One M8.

How To Send Music Files Via WhatsApp On HTC One M8

Make sure you have a working internet connection, and the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger installed on your HTC One M8.

Step 1: First of all, navigate to the Music application on your device. The app is available in the springboard. Tap it to launch it.

Step 2: Once you have the list of songs on your device’s screen, simply tap on the right most side of any song you wish to send, as seen in the screenshot below.


Step 3: Tap on Share button and wait for the options to load up.


Step 4: Tap on Send File when prompted as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 5: Now, select WhatsApp Messenger from the list of applications installed on your device.


Step 6: Next, select the contact you want to share the music file with, and tap on Send button.


That’s it. The other person will receive the music file in no time. This way, you can send and receive any music file from any device via WhatsApp messenger on your brand new HTC One M8.

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