Send Unlimited Photos On WhatsApp With WhatsApp Unlimited Media

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Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging client, with a user-base of 500+ million users worldwide, and growing exponentially every day. The IM client which now belongs to Facebook Inc, recently updated their application for iOS as well as Android. While the update had some interesting features like privacy control, i.e you can choose who all can see your display picture, last seen timestamp and status update, it also brought a couple of changes in its media sharing capabilities.

Now, if you want to send a number of pictures to your friends on WhatsApp, you will be restricted to select not more than 10 pictures as once. That’s right, in case you have to send a 100 pictures, you will require 10 instances of same process over and over again. We tried doing it once and actually doing it is much more infuriating than it sounds. However, if you are an iPhone user with a jailbroken device, Whatsapp Unlimited Media is just the right tweak for you. It simply removes the restriction of sending 10 pictures, and instead lets you select and send as many pictures as you want. Here’s how to get this tweak.

Send Unlimited Photos On WhatsApp With WhatsApp Unlimited Media

NOTE: A friendly note like always. You would require a jailbroken iPhone before you could use this tweak. It’s our duty to inform you that jailbreaking will terminate your device’s manufacturers warranty and will disable it from receiving any OTA updates from Apple. In case you still want to jailbreak your iDevice running on iOS 7, simply head over to the following tutorial.

Step 1: Navigate to Cydia app, and then tap Search button on the bottom navigation menu to search for WhatsApp Unlimited Media tweak in the search box.

5-16-2014 11-33-58 PMTap the Install button to get started with the installation process. Once done, tap Return To Cydia button to exit Cydia.


Step 2: That’s it. The tweak is pre-configured to automatically start working with the WhatsApp application on your iPhone. Once installed, you can give it a shot, as seen in the image provided by official developers of this tweak below.


As seen in the image above, the developer was able to select 27 pictures at once, thus voiding the limitation of 10 pictures max offered by WhatsApp on iPhone. Well, we didn’t believe the developer at first and though about giving it a try ourself, and here’s what we got:

WhatsApp-Unlimited-MediaGuess what! It works just as described. Now send unlimited photos on WhatsApp with this amazing jailbreak tweak. Facing any issues? Do let us know your reaction through comment section. Never miss a single How-to, follow our How-to section and keep subscribed to our newsletters (We promise, we’ll never spam your inbox).

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