How to Setup iCloud Photo Sharing on iOS 7

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Apple’s iCloud photo sharing is an easy way to get your photos and now videos pooled with exactly the people you want. iOS 7 adds some cool new tricks to this feature that was introduced earlier. It allows sharing videos and has the ability to let others add photos to your streams. You can also check out some of the other great apps we have covered for photo sharing and photoshop like Blipfoto and Camera 360. If you are on an iPad then undoubtedly one of the best apps you can use is the Lightroom from Adobe.

If it’s a little overwhelming to you, this is the right place to begin with. Shared photo streams use iCloud to transfer photos to others who have an iCloud account, either on their mobile devices or on desktop browsers using the iCloud. Here’s how you can set up an iCloud Photo Sharing:

#How to create iCloud photo stream:

Step 1: Open the native ‘Photos’ app on your iPhone home screen.


Step 2: Choose the ‘Shared’ tab out of the three tabs you see below, named ‘Photos’, ‘Shared’ and ‘Albums’.


Step 3: Tap the ‘+’sign that you see on the top left corner. This creates a new shared photo stream.


Step 4: Name the photo stream in any which way you like and hit ‘Next’.


Step 5: Add the people you want to share this stream with. The ~ez_lsquo+ez_rsquo~ sign would take you right into your contact list. You can choose up to 100 contacts for a stream!


Step 6: Hit ‘Create’ to create the photo stream.

Step 7: You will now see the newly created stream in the shared tab of the photos app.



#How to add photos to your stream:

Step 1: Click on stream you just created and hit the ~ez_lsquo+ez_rsquo~ sign to add photos.


Step 2: Tap the individual photos or video clips you want to add. You may also tap ‘Select’ to choose all the photos and videos in a given ‘Moment’ all at once.


Step 3: Hit ‘Done’ to complete posting this photo to the stream.


#How to set your sharing preferences:

Step 1: Tap the shared photo stream from the shared tab of the photo app.


Step 2: Choose the ‘People’ tab out of the two options below, named Photos and People.


Step 3: To add people to the invitees list, simply tap ‘Invite People’ and add from contacts as described before.


Step 4: To let other invited people add photos/videos to your stream, toggle the ‘Subscribers Can Post’ switch to green.

Step 5: To allow people with apple IDs to view this stream on a web browser using, toggle the ‘Public Website’ switch to green.

Step 6: To get notified when anyone adds content or likes and comments, toggle the ‘Notifications‘ to green.


#How to like and add comments:

Step 1: Go to the shared photo stream and click on any photo you want to comment on.

Step 2: Tap the smiley symbol to like the photo. It turns yellow when you do so.

Step 3: To comment, simply tap on ‘Add a comment’, scribble down your words and hit ‘Send’.


That is how you can create a Photostream and share it with your friends and family who have an existing iCloud ID! Enjoy!

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