How to share audio files through WhatsApp from your iPhone

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While WhatsApp is a raging application as of date, the iOS version has a little more limitations to it than the Android version. iOS users can send in photos and videos that are already on the Camera Roll. They can also take photos or videos, and send them across to their friends. Sharing location and contacts is also a feature that is available for the WhatsApp users on iPhone or iPad.

Check out How to install WhatsApp on the iPad if you do not have whatsapp on your iPad already. While whatspad remain the most stable whatsapp version for iPad if you are unwilling to jailbreak your iPad then our guide using iFunBox is just the way. If you are willing to jailbreak your iPad then you can follow our guide to jailbreak your iPad with Evasion for iOS upto 7.0.x and Pangu jailbreak for iOS higher than 7.0.x.

But what is not available is the ability to share music files from the native music library of the iDevice. While your friend on an Android phone might frequently keep sending in the latest music they are listening to, you keep wondering how to surpass them in this aspect!

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While you can check out the various whatsapp tricks we have covered including freezing last seen time stamp, selecting from a variety of new fonts with Watusi trick for whatsapp all are mainly for jailbroken iPhone. But well thankfully the ability to send and receive media on iPhone is not restricted to jailbroken iPhones only. Here’s How to share audio files through WhatsApp from your iPhone:

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Step 1: Download and install iZip. It is a 22.7MB free download on the App Store.

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Step 2: Go to Music Library within the iZip application.

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Step 3: Select from the list of Songs, Albums etc.

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Step 4: As you tap, you can see the entire list of songs that are available on your iPhone’s or iPad’s Music Library.

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Step 5: Tap Select on the top right of the page. Now select the song that you want to send through your WhatsApp.

Step 6: From among the three choices available at the bottom bar, choose Zip.

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Step 7: Wait while iZip compresses the file, and stores it as folder. You might as well rename the folder if you want to. Tap on the top right icon on the page. Now, from the options that you can see at the bottom select Rename.

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Step 8: Tap on the newly created or renamed folder. iZip prompts you saying, ’Would you like to extract all the files?’

Step 9: Say OK.

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Step 10: You can see the .mp3 file.

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Step 11: Select the file. From the bottom bar choose the option Open In.

Step 12: Open the .mp3 Audio File in WhatsApp. This will redirect you to the WhatsApp application.

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Step 13: Select the contact with whom you wish to share the audio file.

Step 14: When prompted for confirmation say ‘Yes’.

Step 15: The audio file would be shared with your friend instantly!

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Surprise your friends with your new-found ability. Take a note that you can only send one audio file at a time. With iZip you can also send the zipped file as an email attachment, and can play the audio from within the iZip application as well. But, that’s a whole new story!

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