Simple Steps To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4/4S/5/5S Running On iOS 7.0.X

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With a range of iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch already in hand, and more coming this year, Apple is definitely grabbing more and more attention. The most awaited news has to be the pending iPhone 6 release which is floating all around the world wide web. Keeping futuristic predictions aside, most of us are already happy with the functionalities of Apple’s iPhone 5. While Apple offers a more restricted and enclosed iOS experience in it’s range of iPhones, not everybody loves to stay within the bound.

If you feel you are one of those people get aboard the jailbreak train. If you are not willing to jailbreak your phone but still want some added functionality on your phone you can probably check out how to get paid apps for free on iPhone. For those who are unaware of what jailbreaking does, let’s say it opens a whole new world of customizations, tweaks and apps for your iPhone. From being able to change the way your phone unlocks, to additional features like Android UI on your iPhone, a simple jailbreak does it all. However, here’s a friendly warning before you proceed.

WARNING: Only iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch running on iOS version lower than iOS 7.0.6 are jailbreak friendly at the moment. We will update the list of iOS supported by the jailbreak community as and when their jailbreaks are developed. Further, we highly recommend you to take a complete backup of your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch on your iTunes or iCloud before proceeding. If you use encrypted backup, kindly disable it in the iTunes dashboard. This is an untethered jailbreak for your iDevice, i.e you will not lose the jailbreak even if you power of your device.

How To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4/4S/5/5S Running On iOS 7.0.X

Step 1: First you have to download the latest version of Evasi0n7 tool from their official website here and install it on your Windows/Macintosh system. The Evasi0n tool is compatible with iOS 7 – iOS 7.0.6. To check the version of iOS on your iPhone, simply navigate to Settings->General->About.

Step 2: Double click the downloaded application file to install it. In case you are a Windows user, make sure you launch the application having Administrator privileges. Once installed, launch the application and you should see a screen similar to the one below.

evasionStep 3: Connect your iPhone to your computer using the default USB data cable and your iPhone make and iOS installed should come up on the Evasi0n screen within seconds. Do not power off your iPhone at any point during this tutorial. Now, click on Jailbreak button on the Evasi0n screen. Once you click the jailbreak button, you will receive the progress update on your computer screen as shown in the image below.


Step 4: Once the progress bar reaches 100%, your iPhone will reboot. However, do not close Evasi0n application right now.

Step 5: Simply unlock your iPhone, and navigate through the springboard to find Evasi0n7 icon as shown in the screenshot below.



Step 6: Tap the Evasi0n7 app and your iPhone screen should go white and your device will reboot. You don’t need to worry, it’s the default process. The next process takes place on your iPhone. It includes setting up packages, setting up Cydia and later will continue with another reboot. The screenshot cannot be taken of the device during this stage since it is out of the bounds of it’s iOS right now.

Step 7 : Once your device has rebooted successfully, your iPhone 4/4S/5/5S running on iOS 7 – iOS 7.0.X has been jailbroken successfully. You should be able to find default Cydia app in your iPhone springboard now, and continue to use it as a User, Developer or Hacker.

5-11-2014 10-47-07 PMThat’s it! You can disconnect your iPhone from your computer and start using it normally now.

Wondering what to do after jailbreak? Want to explore the whole new world of customization. Check out our guide on how to install cydia apps for free.

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