How to Speed Up iPhone Applications [Jailbreak Tweak]

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From the slows of iPhone 3G, to the blazing speed of iPhone 5S, we have seen Apple transform and put the best of hardware and software co-ordination available to man put to use. However, there is still a lot of scope for your applications to run at a super sonic speed, thanks to Apple’s JavaScript engine. Apple, by default blocks the third party applications to use their JavaScript engine on it’s firmware, and hence the applications cannot reach a 100% efficiency rate. For instance, have you ever seen Apple’s default Safari browser lag? While if you use Opera or Google Chrome browser on your iPhone, you will never get that blazing-speed performance which you get while using Safari web browser. A simple reason behind this bias nature of Apple is restricting the use of JavaScript engine for third party applications, while allowing it’s native applications like Safari enjoy all of it’s benefits.

Well, not any more, is what the jailbreak community has to say regarding this, thanks to their Nitrous jailbreak tweak, which let’s third-party applications use the JavaScript engine, thus boosting your iPhone performance exponentially. Known as Apple’s Nitro JavaScript engine, it is only available in Safari web browser, however, many other browsers like Chrome, Dolphin etc. make use of the same Safari web-kit browser, but, without any access to Apple’s Nitro JavaScript engine. Where Apple offers limitations, our beloved members of jailbreak community spring into action. With Nitrous tweak, your already fast iPhone will perform at a much faster rate. Just follow the simple steps below to get Nitrous tweak on your iPhone.

Speed Up iPhone Applications With Nitrous Jailbreak Tweak

NOTE: Nitrous is only available to you if you have already jailbroken your iPhone. For those who haven’t jailbroken their iPhone yet, simply follow the tutorial here:

Once you are ready with your jailbroken iPhone, follow the tutorial below.

Step 1: Unlock your device, and look for native Cydia application on your iPhone springboard. Tap to launch it.


Step 2: Once you are at the Cydia dashboard, simply navigate to the Search button on the bottom navigation menu, and type Nitrous to search for the tweak.


Step 3: Tap the Nitrous option in search results. Nitrous is hosted by one of the most famous Cydia repositories- BigBoss repo, which also certifies it to be a quality tweak, and worth the price. That’s right! Nitrous is available under the BigBoss repo for $0.99 USD. BUT, how about getting this amazing tweak absolutely free? Just follow the tutorial below to get all Cydia tweaks, without hurting your pocket.

Step 4: Once you have successfully installed this amazing tweak, simple head over to Settings->Nitrous , to make it work specifically with a list of applications of your choice. Here, you can also choose to activate/deactivate this tweak, and assign a particular gesture to activate/deactivate it using the Activator jailbreak tweak , as seen in the screenshot below.


Step 5: Tap on the Enables Apps option to select a list of applications you want to enable Nitrous for, as seen in the screenshot below.

nitrous tweak


That’s it! You have successfully boosted the speed of your iPhone application remarkably. Don’t believe us? Simply go through the test results below, published by none other than official developers of Nitrous, and verified by WebKit. (Click to enlarge).

test results


Now, your iPhone runs exponentially faster than before, thanks to Nitrous jailbreak tweak. Facing any issues? Do let us know your reaction through comment section. Never miss a single How-to, follow our How-to section and keep subscribed to our newsletters (We promise, we’ll never spam your inbox).

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