How to Spy on iPhone While Staying Completely Untraceable

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A lot of people send us queries regarding how to keep their iPhone secured everyday. With how to spy on iPhone becoming hot cake over the internet protection for your phone can never be more emphasized. Though our focus has been to stop spyware from being installed, in this article we will cover how to spy on iPhone in details. To be honest, about 90% of the websites claiming to provide you with a procedure of how to spy on iPhone are just spamming you with malware or adware, and you would never succeed in spying on somebody’s iPhone.

However, today we are going to cover some of the best tweaks and tools which do work, and easily lets you spy on any iPhone remotely. Once you get access, you can change iPhone’s settings, or customizations, or change passcode lock too easily. Of course you need to have a physical contact with that iPhone initially to install a spyware, and any website claiming to provide you with spying service without having the need to have access to that iPhone at first is probably fooling you. Using the following tweaks can also let you track your lost iPhone in future. Before we guide you on how to install spyware on target iPhone, here’s a good read in case you want to stop spying on your iPhone.

NOTE: Please note that you would require a jailbroken iPhone in order to use the following tweaks. In case you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, you can do so by following our step by step tutorial below.

How Spyware Actually Works On Any iPhone

Any form of spyware tracking takes place only and only by having access to the target iPhone. First of all a spyware malware gets installed on the device which runs on stealth mode. i.e, 100% invisibility so that the user of that iPhone doesn’t get to know that there is any spyware installed on that phone. Further, if the tweak remains visible, you can simply hide the icon from the springboard using SBSettings tweak. The spyware secretly sends information like call logs, sms threads and other important info using the device’s data connection to its server. The server is accessed by the person who wants to spy on somebody’s iPhone. Usually, such services are paid, but definitely worth the price. The best and trustworthy spying programs for iPhone are Spyera, Easy Spy Pro, mSpy and Mobi Stealth. You can use any of the programs, however we are presenting a step by step tutorial to install mSpy here. All other programs follow the same procedure.

How To Spy On Any iPhone With Spying Tools

Please note that we are only using mSpy for reference in this post. The steps for MobiStealth and StealthGenie are apparently the same and can be followed easily once you understand the following procedure.

Step 1: First of all, grab the iPhone you want to spy into, and launch Cydia, and navigate to Manage->Sources->Edit->Add to add the following repository in the URL/APT box.

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How to Spy on iPhone 6-5-2014 11-16-10 PM

Step 2: Tap Return To Cydia button to return to Cydia, and tap the Sections button on lower navigation menu, and navigate to Security category. There, look out for iPhoneInternalService tweak, and tap Install button to install it.

How to Spy on iPhone

Step 3: Reboot your iPhone for changes to take effect.

How to spy on iPhone

Once the installation completes, mSpy will be available on that iPhone’s springboard. All you need to do is complete the registration process by launching it. After completion, mSpy will automatically hide the its app icon from the springboard. To be sure that nobody gets a clue about what’s happening, you can also hide the Cydia application.

  • To do so, navigate to the Search button on Cydia, and search for Hide Cydia tweak.

How to spy on iPhone

  • Next, tap the Install button on top right corner to install the tweak. Once installed, tap the Restart Springboard button to respring your device.

6-9-2014 5-24-19 PM

  • You will see that Cydia app is still visible on your device’s springboard. To hide it, simply navigate to search page on your iPhone, and enter the code: 4433*29342 and hit the Search button . This is the default code to hide and unhide Cydia and remains same throughout.

6-9-2014 5-24-47 PM

  • Your iPhone will restart, and Cydia app will be hidden. To make it visible again, simply navigate to search and enter the default passcode to bring Cydia app back on your iPhone’s springboard.

By now you have successfully installed mSpy spyware on the iPhone you want to spy onto. Now comes the remote spying part where information will be accessible from online control panel. That’s all you have to do on the target iPhone. Next step takes place on the online control panel of this amazing utility. Here’s how.

Steps to Stay Untraceable while Spying on iPhone

Step 1: You will need to buy the official subscription of mSpy. Once you have purchased the subscription, you will get the installation procedure right in your inbox. Follow the instruction and logon to the online control panel of mSpy on their server.

How to Spy on iPhone

Step 2: Here, you will receive information coming from the target iPhone like the SMS messages, call logs, GPS location and all the activities taking place on that iPhone in a log.

How to Spy on iPhone 6-5-2014 11-18-50 PM

That’s it. Keep a track of any iPhone within your range, and get to know if somebody is lying or cheating on you with the help of this easy to use utility.

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