Drunk Mode the Perfect App to Stop Drunk when High

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We have been covering the best cydia tweaks provided by our beloved jailbreak community, which aren’t usually accepted by Apple and integrated in their native iOS for iDevices. While you can disable outgoing/incoming calls or sms, along with all other communications on your iPhone by enabling Airplane mode any time, there is no particular app to stop drunk texting in the app store. Lets suppose you went out for a couple of drinks with your friends. We for sure are not pointing it at you, but others may, who read your mis-spelled text messages. However, we have just the right app to stop drunk texting that won’t let you send a text from your iPhone, in case you are drunk.

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Drunk Mode Cydia Tweak – Best App to Stop Drunk Texting

Drunk Mode for iPhone is actually a tweak developed to fulfill this purpose, i.e preventing you from sending iMessages to your friends, boss, or colleagues whenever you are drunk. The good news is that whenever you tap the Send button, you will receive a notification saying Go home, you are drunk! instead of actually sending the iMessage. However, the tweak also comes with a limitation that it does not work at all with Messages or whatsapp and can only prevent iMessages. Further, it adds a toggle button just below Airplane Mode in your iPhone’s Settings application, which can be toggled off any time. Hence, it is not a sure-shot solution, but we sure recommend you to give this innovation a try. Here’s how to get Drunk Mode on your iPhone.

NOTE: The tweak requires a jailbroken iPhone, and jailbreaking may void your device’s manufacturers warranty and might make it immune to OTA updates from Apple. Please jailbreak on your own risk using the tutorial below.

Install the App and Learn How to Stop Drunk Texting

Step 1: Navigate to Cydia app on your iPhone, and tap the Search button to search for Drunk Mode tweak.

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Step 2: Tap Install button on the top right corner of the screen to install Drunk Mode on your iPhone. Later on, if you wish to un-install this tweak, you can simply head over to Cydia->Manage->Packages->Drunk Mode->Modify->Uninstall/Remove.

Step 3: Once installed, you will find a Drunk Mode toggle switch below the Airplane Mode toggle switch in the Settings app on your iPhone, as seen in the screenshot below.

5-20-2014 6-06-05 PM

To put this tweak to use, simply navigate to Settings->Drunk Mode toggle to ON. Next, launch Messages app on your iPhone, and try to send a text to one of your friends on iMessage service. You should see a popup screen similar to the one below.

5-20-2014 6-12-47 PM

While this is not a definite solution, we still recommend you to not to drink, to be safe about your texts at all times. But if you still find yourself losing control, definitely try out our suggestion app to stop drunk texting.

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