How to Stop spying on your iPhone and Protect Phone from Other Malware

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You might never know who is trying to spy on your iPhone! Let us begin by identifying how a spyware can be installed on your phone and once we know how to stop such events from coming to fruitition we know exactly how to stop someone from spying on your iPhone. In order to come up with the best ways to stop spying we studied the best ways to spy with two of the best spywares around 1) MobiStealth and 2) StealthGenie for the last few days. As expected we found the installation method pretty same between the two.

First things first, anyone who wishes to spy on your phone will need access to it. Remote spying is a myth!! Also, for any spyware to be installed, your phone needs to be jailbroken. As long as you are not using a jailbroken device, you are safe. So probably the best way to stop spying on your iPhone is to upgrade to iOS 7.1.x and there is no way anyone can jailbreak your phone or install spy on it.

But well some of us, just so love a jailbroken phone primarily because of the amazing tweaks and options to customize the iPhone jailbreak provides. So, once someone has access to your jailbroken phone, they can go to the cydia app and download the spyware and well from there on, you are pretty doomed. I mean if someone gets access to my phone they will have my bank data, personal conversations, office emails and basically my entire life at their mercy. The spywares we researched on are pretty damn good too, so it is best that we should take preventive measures as once the spyware is installed it might be difficult to do anything about it. Also, we did not find too many good anti spyware which will protect your phone once it has been bugged.

But the good news here are some apps we have come up with to spywares are never installed and you can stop spying on your iPhone with ease.

Stop Spying on your iPhone and Keep All Your Personal Data Secured

So we have already identified which sections of your mobile have to be locked. Now, we just have to go ahead and protect our beloved iPhone from spyware and other malware threats.

1) Change the way you open your iPhone – Well stop using pass codes totally. If someone has access to your phone it means he or she is really close to you and has a chance of guessing your phone pass code. But if the only way to unlock your screen is by a custom design which only you know then your iPhone is protected like a fortress. You can probably check out how to custom lock screen guide with Stride 2.

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2) Lock Cydia App with iAppLock – As long as the Cydia app is locked there is no way spyware can be installed on your phone. So, just use iAppLock to keep Cydia repository locked and you should essentially be safe from any malicious intentions of people around. Also you will be essentially ensuring two levels of security and while the person who is spying on you might get the first passcode right, two in a row might be a bit of a stretch.

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3) Hide the Cydia Icon – Well as we have said before as long as no one can access the Cydia app spyware cannot be installed on your phone. So simply use SBSettings to hide the Cydia app store. However, we do not recommend this as the only protective measure as anyone who has access to your phone will have access to SBSettings also and might modify it. This can go well in conjunction with Stride 2 and iAppLock

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4) Login to Your Phone in Guest Mode in Public – Always use the guest mode application to unlock your phone in public to ensure that no one can simply peak over at you typing the password and record it. When you log in to your mobile in guest mode, even if someone does see you typing the password and manage to access your phone, they will only get access to limited functionalities. Just do not grant access to Cydia in Guest Mode and you should be able to stop spying on your iPhone even if someone knows your pass code and can access your phone in Guest Mode.

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Well guys this is it then. Hope you can follow these steps and ensure that your iPhone is always secure. Please keep coming back for more How Tos which we try to keep fresh and information rich for you. Thanks for being here.

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