Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks For iPhone And Android

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Almost all of us use WhatsApp as an instant messaging client, as well as to share multimedia with friends in our personal and professional lives. We at SwapMyApp have been focussing on bringing the best of WhatsApp tricks for your smartphone, be it iPhone or Android powered device, and here we are, with a list of top 10 WhatsApp tricks for iPhone and Android that you just can’t afford to miss in case you are a frequent WhatsApp user. So here we go!

Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks For iPhone And Android

The tricks and tweaks are mostly common for both Android, as well as iPhone devices, however some of them are particularly for iPhone because of its jailbreaking capabilities.

  • Schedule Messages On WhatsApp:

How about scheduling a particular message to be sent at a particular time to a particular person in your contact list? Well, that’s exactly what the app- Scheduler for Wasap does for your smartphone. Now, never miss birthday, anniversary of important intimations by scheduling your WhatsApp texts. The app is easy to use. Simply enter your desired text, select the time and date and schedule it. You can rely on the app for the rest.

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  • Recover Deleted Messages On WhatsApp


Did you delete an important WhatsApp conversation by mistake? Well, don’t worry, as you can recover it instantly from your rooted Android device and transfer your chat to your computer or laptop. All you need is a rooted Android device, Dr. Fone Data Recovery Tool, and a little patience. The tool is capable of extracting temporary information from your Android device, including the deleted or missing WhatsApp conversations.

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  • Watusi For iPhone Adds A New Dimension To WhatsApp On Your Device:

There are certain limitations that come pre-imposed with WhatsApp Messenger. Like, the limited number of pictures you can send across at once, the typing notification, limited status length, as well as the troublesome last seen timestamp on WhatsApp. Not any more, as Watusi for iPhone gives you access to customize all these settings instantly. The easy to use tweak takes up little space on your device, and can be un-installed instantly the way it is installed.

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  • Password Protect WhatsApp On Your Smartphone:

Now, never let anybody breach your privacy by password protecting the native WhatsApp application on your device. In iPhone, you can simply install a small jailbreak tweak that goes by the name – iAppLock and set a user-defined password for any application on your smartphone including WhatsApp. This is the best way to keep your private information private. You can trust the tweak, and nobody will be able to breach it without having the correct passcode.

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  • Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On iPhone:

Are you one of those who have more than one WhatsApp account and find it troublesome to carry two smartphones? In case you have an iPhone, you can simply install two WhatsApp accounts on it. Both the applications will run on your device without any interference from each other. Apart from WhatsApp, you can also use two instances of Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram or any other app you can think about.

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  • Send Unlimited Photos On WhatsApp Easily:

Now easily remove the limitation of not being able to send more than 10 pictures on WhatsApp Messenger with the help of simple tweak for iOS devices called WhatsApp Unlimited Media. Simply install the tweak, and select as many pictures as you wish to, to send it across to other WhatsApp users. Though, it might slow down your phone a bit, as sending a lot of pictures takes a lot of processing and memory.

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  • How To Hide WhatsApp Messenger App On iPhone:

At times a third person asks you for your phone, and you just wish you could hide some particular applications including WhatsApp Messenger from them. Well, now you can hide any particular application from your device’s springboard which will be visible only if you enter a particular passcode with SBSettings jailbreak tweak. In case you have an older iPhone, there’s a lot more than hiding the app, that you can do with SBSettings, all of them explained in the tutorial below.

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  • Create Fake WhatsApp Last Seen On Your Device:

We usually wish we could change the last seen timestamp from our WhatsApp accounts particularly when we want to hide it from some specific person. Now, no need for jailbreak or any hassles. Simply install WhatsApp Fake Online app on your Android powered device, and leave the rest on it.

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  • Create Fake WhatsApp Chat On Your Device:

How about creating a spoof WhatsApp conversation screenshot on your Android device? Unfortunately, the app is only available for Android as of now, but the iOS version can be expected any time in near future. Simply install Yazzy on your Android from Google Play Store and get going. Once installed, enter the name of person you want to appear chatting with, and manually input messages to be shown on the screen along with the time stamp. Yazzy will do the rest.

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  • Use WhatsApp Without Having A Smartphone:

Don’t have a smartphone and wish to use WhatsApp Messenger? Well, now you don’t really need a smartphone to be able to use WhatsApp Messenger. Simply install the YouWave emulator on your desktop computer and set up an WhatsApp account using it instantly after which you could use WhatsApp directly from your computer.

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These were the top 10 WhatsApp tricks for iPhone and Android devices which make the WhatsApp experience on your device a lot more easier. We at SwapMyApp are going to update the list as and when a new tweak or app comes into existence. Until then, never miss a single How-to, follow our How-to section and keep subscribed to our newsletters(We promise, we’ll never spam your inbox).



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