How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Music Player without Jailbreak

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The sheer frustration of having to connect to iTunes for downloading music every time compelled us to look at alternatives on how to turn your iPhone into a wireless Music Player. While we came out with various tricks like how to download torrents, universal download tweak and Muze Player to enhance music functions on iPhone these were all essentially jailbreak tricks. But what if you are not ready to jailbreak your iPhone.

Wifi2Hifi is a wonderful application for your iPhone available under the Apple app store which is capable of turning your iPhone into a wireless music player any where, any time. Developed by Clever & Son AG, Wifi2Hifi can turn your iDevices into a wireless audio receiver directly connected to your audio dock or stereo system through a common WLAN network.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Music Player with Wifi2Hifi

The best thing about Wifi2Hifi application is that it keeps everything legitimate. That’s right. You DON’T require a jailbroken iPhone to be able to enjoy the functionality of this application. The app is available under the Apple App Store and can be downloaded from here. Coming at a price of $2.99 USD, the application is totally worth the price, and a must have app for your iPhone in case you are a music freak. You might also follow our guide to install paid iOS apps for free if you are not willing to shell out that extra amount from your pocket. However, for some iDevices the apps crash when installed by the above method and if you are facing the same problems we recommend you to use the paid version only as it will be good value for money.

Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Music Player

Downloading WiFi2HiFi

Once you install this application on your iPhone, you just have to launch it from your device’s springboard, and connect it to a common WLAN network as your stereo or music dock is connected to. That’s not all, you can also download the free Mac client for Wifi2Hifi here in case you are a Mac user, and play audio files from your Mac system directly on your iPhone instantly. Here are some features of this amazing application.

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Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Music Player

Connecting to Wirelss Lan Networks

  • The app provides support for all iDevices including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch connected to a common WLAN network as the audio source. Hence, in case you don’t have an iPhone, you can still continue to enjoy this application on your iPod or iPad.
Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Music Player

Syncing app to closest station

  • No settings or complex preferences need to be entertained. That’s right. The app springs into action as soon as you launch it and is detected easily by your music dock or Mac system within seconds.
Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Music Player

Play Music on Mac

  • Universal compatibility- The app is compatible with all audio players running on your Mac system, along with all formats of audio streaming online as well as web radio. That certainly is too much to offer in this small package.
Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Music Player

Connecting to Other Devices through WiFi2HiFi

  • Once you start streaming music through your iPhone, you can easily control the music via simple control buttons on your iPhone screen. The app provides easy on-screen volume controller, hence you don’t require to fiddle with your music dock, or Mac system again and again.
Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Music Player

Control Volume Options in WiFi2HiFi

You can start streaming music to your iPhone instantly, and turn it into a wireless music player. Wifi2Hifi gets a +1 from our side, and is a must have application on your iPhone.
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