Tweak Multitasking Gestures On iPhone With Zephyr Jailbreak Tweak

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With a Power, a Home button, and Volume rocker buttons, the Cupertino based giant has been able to create a sensation in the field of smartphones with minimum number of human-button interactions. However, this also means excessive use of Home as well as Power buttons. While some tweaks like Activator let you minimize the use of those buttons to some extent, there are instances when you actually need to use the Home or Power button, say for multitasking. Well, no more, is what famous jailbreak developer chpwn has to say about it.

Zephyr is the new iPhone utility under the jailbreak tweak section developed by none other than Chpwn, which adds multitasking gestures on iPhone easily. The best part about these new gestures is that they are as interactive and smooth as native Apple gestures. That’s right, the integration of Apple’s GUI in this tweak makes gestures on iPhone prominent as Apple’s default gestures. This means no more double tapping the Home button to see all the open applications. With Zephyr jailbreak tweak, simply slide up anywhere on your iPhone to access multitasking feature. Most of the gestures can be experienced on Apple’s iPad, however there is no support for the same in case of iPhone and iPod Touch. Here’s how to get Zephyr jailbreak tweak on your iPhone instantly.

WARNING: Zephyr is a jailbreak tweak and requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Please note that jailbreaking will void your device warranty, and make it immune to OTA updates from Apple. In case you wish to jailbreak your iDevice, follow the tutorial below.

Step 1: Launch Cydia application which should be located on your device springboard. Tap the Search button on bottom-right side of screen to search for Zephyr jealbreak tweak.


Zephyr is currently a paid tweak, however, you can download the tweak without paying a dime. Want to know how? Simply navigate to the tutorial below.

Step 2: Once you have installed/purchased Zephyr, simply navigate to Settings->Zephyr , to configure its settings. Here, you can Enable/Disable the tweak, change gesture method, choose the number of fingers for gestures, and select particular actions, as seen in the screenshot below.


Step 3: To start using Zephyr, simply slide from bottom to up on your iPhone screen. Swipe up from bottom is the default action that comes with Zephyr. However, you can change the default action within Zephyr settings.

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With a smooth app switching interface, Zephyr offers features Apple actually need to borrow from its developer Chpwn. While only available in iPad by default, the gestures are made available to iPhone as well as iPod Touch users using Zephyr tweak. The tweak fits naturally in Apple’s iOS firmware as if it was a part of it by default. Once you install it, you can enjoy using its multitasking gestures on your iPhone instantly.

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