Ultimate Control Center Tweaks To Enhance Experience On iPhone

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Apple introduced the much needed Control Center with its iOS 7 update, and it enabled users to toggle basic functionalities of your iPhone like turning Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode ON or OFF by a simple swipe from bottom to top on the screen. Apart from these, it allowed users to have short cut music control buttons. However, there is a limitation on the Control Center that comes along the iOS 7 firmware on your iDevice. i.e, you cannot customize it one bit, as there is no default settings page for changing control centers feel and layout. Never mind, here we have two ultimate tweaks for your iDevice including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 7 or above which take the control center experience to another level.

Ultimate Control Center Tweaks To Enhance Experience On iPhone

1. CCLoader:

CCLoader is a brand new tweak available under the infamous BigBoss repository in Cydia store. In case you are one of those who don’t really like the way Apple has arranged its control center, CCLoader is the perfect tweak for you. It simply lets you re-order, arrange, add or remove elements off the Control Center. The tweak is similar to CCHide tweak which was released some time back, but adds a plethora of functionalities to the same operation. Now, you can re-arrange elements as you feel like in the Control Center screen. To get it on your iDevice, follow the tutorial below.

Step 1: Fire Cydia, and tap the Search button to search for CCLoader tweak.

6-5-2014 2-08-28 PM

The tweak is available for free under the BigBoss repository. Tap the Install button on top right corner to install it.

Step 2: Once installed, head over to Settings->CCLoader to configure its settings.

6-5-2014 2-06-51 PM

There are two sections available to you when you launch the preferences page for this tweak. The first one is enabled section which contains all the elements that will be visible and enabled on the Control Center. The other section is of disabled elements where you can drag and drop elements like AirPlane Mode, Wifi or Bluetooth to prevent them from showing up on the control center screen.

6-5-2014 2-07-23 PM

There are no other functionalities of this tweak, however, in case you wish to re-order the elements, simply drag and drop them in top to bottom order as seen below.

2. CCMeters

Another interesting tweak, CCMeter provides you with useful system information about your iDevice right at the control center. For instance, once you install this tweak, you will receive information about free storage, memory space, CPU load percentage and other system options on your device’s Control Center. Here’s how to get it.

Step 1: Fire Cydia app and tap the Search button to search for CCMeters tweak.

6-5-2014 2-17-37 PM

The tweak is available under the BigBoss repository for about $1.00 USD, however you can download the cracked version of the same for free by following our tutorial here.

Step 2: Once you have purchased/installed this tweak, you can exit Cydia, and navigate to Settings->CCMeter to configure the settings.

6-5-2014 2-16-31 PM

While the tweak doesn’t come up with many settings, you can just configure the font for the display here. Rest of the settings are default package settings, and users have no access over them. CCMeters is capable of showing the following readings.

  • Free Storage Space in GB
  • Free Memory in MB
  • CPU Load Percent
  • Current Upload Network Speed
  • Current Download Network Speed

6-5-2014 2-16-52 PM

The tweak adds another dimension to the default Control Center on your iDevice, and is a must have, in case you keep a track of hardware statistics of your device.

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