How to Unlock WhatsApp Calling on Android Smartphones.

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Well, before starting with this tip, let me tell you that WhatsApp calling is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calling feature which will not use your cellular voice connection but rather it will use the internet connection to call that person on his WhatsApp application. This way you can save on voice calling charges when the internet data charges are cheaper.

If you are an iPhone user, then note that this article is specifically for Android smartphone users, however rumours in the tech-world suggest that this feature is coming for iPhones soon as well. Recently the WhatsApp version was updated to 2.11.561 but still users cannot use that WhatsApp calling features on their smartphones, however there is a small tweak which can unlock that hidden feature on your WhatsApp application.


Requirements for WhatsApp Calling

  • An Android smartphone.
  • The version of WhatsApp installed on your smartphone should be of 2.11.561 (as highlighted below in the screenshot). In case you don’t have it, you can download the APK file of WhatsApp from this mirror link and install this APK file after uninstalling the current version of WhatsApp from your smartphone.


That’s it!! now you will have to wait for someone (who has this feature already enabled on their smartphone) to call you, after which your screen will change to something like this.


The call log will be quite similar to what we have seen in the stock Android devices, after drilling into their details you will also be able to see the call length. The only turn-off which most of the users are facing is absence of calling their friends via cellular network. achat sildenafil sandoz 100 mg Many of my friends who have iPhones or Windows devices do not have this features enabled on their device and hence whenever I try to call them, it says that “FriendName needs to update their WhatsApp to receive the calls”.

WhatsApp Call Log

The voice transmission was laggy (may be due to my poor internet connection) and few of the time, we also experienced a certain degree of echo during the conversation. We agree that, it is quite a pain to get this feature unlocked and we hope that it might get simpler with their next update. However, if you cant wait that long, then you can mention the request in the comments and we may try to call you back to get that feature unlocked on your device.

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