How To Use Bluetooth On iPhone 5s With AirBlue Sharing Jailbreak Tweak

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Apart from hundreds of other brilliant utilities Apple has to offer considering its iOS firmware for their iDevices. For now there are just too many restrictions users worldwide hate about the iOS. Like not being able to browse through system files, not being able to download media, and of course, the restricted Bluetooth access it has. Though iPhones are not completely deprived of Bluetooth services, i.e, they still allow A2DP services and Bluetooth hands-free support, you still cannot use Apple iPhone’s Bluetooth services to send and receive files from any Bluetooth friendly device. Being one of the most common request coming right from Apple iPhone users worldwide, Apple still hasn’t integrated this feature in their current iOS 7 (iOS 7.1.1) . However, for those who cannot wait for Apple to enable this feature in future, which may be never, we have just the perfect jailbreak tweak on how to use bluetooth on iPhone 5s.

AirBlue Sharing is an easy to use iPhone Bluetooth stock utility which enables you to use Bluetooth on iPhone instantly, just the way you use it to send and receive files from to and from any other Bluetooth device. It basically removes the Bluetooth restriction from iOS stock files, and let’s users experience an all new feature, with a super interactive interface. That’s right. Once you install this tweak, you will be able to send and receive files as ordinarily as possible, like tapping on the media file to select Send via Bluetooth option, or double tapping your Home button to enable Bluetooth of your device to start receiving data. Impressed much? Simply follow the tutorial below to get this amazing tweak on your iPhone and learn how to use bluetooth on your iPhone 5s.

Steps to Learn How To Use Bluetooth On iPhone 5s

NOTE: Like all other jailbreak tweaks, you would require a jailbroken iPhone to be able to use this tweak. You CAN NOT use iOS Bluetooth services on your iPhone unless and until you jailbreak it. To jailbreak your iPhone running on iOS 7, simply follow the tutorial below. Jailbreaking can void your device’s manufacturers warranty and will make it immune to Over The Air updates coming from Apple. Please make sure you take a complete backup of your iDevice before proceeding.

Step 1: Head over the default Cydia app and tap it to launch it. Next, navigate to the Manage button on bottom right side of the screen. Next, tap on Sources button and then Add button on top left corner to enter the following URL:


Step 2: Tap on Search button on lower right corner of the screen and search for AirBlue Sharing jailbreak tweak in the search box, and select the one hosted by infamous Insanelyi repository. Please note that AirBlue Sharing is a paid application, and is totally worth the price. This is one of the few tweaks we recommend you to actually purchase to help the jailbreak community grow, however, you can get it for free by following the tutorial below.

Step 3: Once you have successfully installed AirBlue Sharing tweak, tap the Return To Cydia button to exit Cydia.


Step 4: Head over to Settings->AirBlue Sharing and you can change your iPhone’s Bluetooth name, configure incoming connection settings, and enable/disable your device visibility. Further, you can also set a particular Activation method there. We personally recommend double tapping the status bar to activate Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Once you have configured AirBlue Sharing on your iPhone, you can sit back and start using your device’s Bluetooth services instantly. To send a song, head over to Music app and tap and hold on a song to see a paper plane icon. That’s the default AirBlue Sharing icon. Tap it to send it. You can send image files, and other multimedia files the similar way. The tweak is currently compatible with iFile and the latest iPhone 5S.

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