How To Use Zoe On HTC One M8 Easily

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HTC has no doubt dominated the smartphone market recently with its flagship device, the HTC One M8. While we at SwapMyApp got our hands on one of the M8’s recently, we could not resist ourselves from exploring the much hyped Zoe camera on the device. On the other hand, there also is a beta version of the Zoe app on the device, which lets you stitch pictures, and create a motion or animation feature. We’ll come to that when a full version of the app is released, but until then, lets talk about the Zoe Camera functionality on HTC One M8. In case you have always wanted to capture stills in HD from a motion movie, Zoe Camera is just the right thing for you. So here’s how to use the functionality on your brand new HTC One M8 instantly.

How To Use Zoe On HTC One M8 Easily

In case you have the M7, or the HTC One which was released last year, you will find the Zoe camera as a dedicated app. However, in HTC One M8, Zoe has been integrated within the Camera application itself and this actually saves a lot of time and efforts. The best thing about Zoe Camera is that even after capturing stills from an animation, you can add effects like Dimension, uFocus ,etc. in the images instantly. That’s right, Zoe actually utilizes the Depth sensor on your HTC One M8 to add another dimension to the images you capture. To get started:

  • Navigate to the device’s springboard, and find Camera application there. It looks like the one in the screenshot below.


  • Now, tap on the 4-dot button on the bottom right of the screen to change to Zoe camera.


  • Select Zoe Camera from the options, and you should see a similar screen.


  • Now, to capture a single image, tap on the shutter button located on bottom of the screen, with a ‘Z’ symbol on it. To capture a video, press and hold the same Z button.


  • To take out stills from the video, open the video from the Gallery, and this time, you will see a shutter button on middle right side of the screen. Tap it to capture stills from a video that is playing.


  • You can capture any number of stills or lets call them frames instantly. Further, you can edit them using the Edit button on bottom navigation menu.

That’s it. You have got your Zoe Camera working wonders now. So start, focus, and capture instantly. Never miss a single how-to at SwapMyApp, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep subscribed to our newsletters (We promise, we’ll never spam your inbox)

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