How To View Exact Timestamp of Photo/Video On Instagram

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Instagram in no time has become one of the most popular photo sharing application. Which once started with mere hundreds of users, now has a database of millions, and growing exponentially everyday. Well, in case you aren’t aware of what Instagram is, we will be happy to provide a little insight. Instagram, profoundly is a storage where you can upload your pictures, and choose the desired audience for it as well. You can either keep your profile public and let any body see, like or comment on your pictures or you can choose to make it private and let only your followers get access to your photos. Enough said, have you ever wondered why you always get to see an estimated time when the picture was uploaded by somebody instead of actual date? Now, you can also view exact timestamp of photo/video on Instagram with an easy to use jailbreak tweak that goes by the name of InstaRealDate. We will talk about the features of this amazing utility after the tutorial below.

How To View Exact Timestamp of Photo/Video On Instagram

NOTE: Since the tweak requires you to have a jailbroken iDevice, we recommend you to take a complete backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch before proceeding. Also, in case you haven’t jailbroken your iDevice, you can refer to our guide below.

Step 1: On your iDevices springboard, navigate to the Cydia application and tap on the Search button located on bottom navigation menu to search for InstaRealDate tweak.

The tweak is available under the infamous BigBoss repository for free. That’s right. You don’t have to shed a single penny for this amazing utility. Simply tap on the Install button on top right corner of the tweak page to get started.

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Step 2: Once installed, you can tap on Return To Cydia to exit Cydia. The tweak has no dedicated page for Settings, and moreover none of them are actually required. The tweak springs into action as soon as you install it.

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To view the exact timestamp of a picture, simply tap on the image’s top right corner which shows the time passed since the picture was uploaded. That’s it, and you will see the exact time and date of the upload.

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The tweak is exceptionally useful for users you are regular Instagram users. We loved the concept, and its a +1 from our side at SwapMyApp.

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