How to Voice Control Siri with Simple Cydia Tweak

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While the jailbreak community continues to excite us with their unfailing innovations in the field of rooting and exploiting Apple’s custom iOS, there are people like us who just can’t get enough of it. Launched with Apple’s iPhone 4S, Siri, a native voice assistance for Apple’s iDevices capable of interacting, computing and processing information received from it’s users opens a scope for exploit. Siri, already designed to make things simpler for iDevice users, has gone a leap ahead with a Cydia tweak launched none other than BigBoss repository.

What does it do? It keeps a constant ear for the keyword “Siri” and activates Siri controls as soon as you speak the keyword. This way, you don’t even need to touch your phone, and you can use Siri functionalities in a totally hands-free environment. While there’s no limit to the potential this Cydia tweak can add to native Siri on iPhones and iPads, you can get Hands-Free Control Cydia tweak by following the easy steps below.

WARNING: You will need a jailbroken iDevice to be able to use this tweak. Jailbreaking can lead to your device warranty getting void, and will restrict your device from receiving OTA (Over the air) updates. You can jailbreak your iDevice running on iOS 7.0.X here:

Further, we recommend you to take a complete backup of your iDevice data either on your iTunes or iCloud. If you use encrypted backup, please disable it temporarily in iTunes dashboard on you computer. (Friendly advice!). Please note that this tweak requires your phone to be listening to a hot-keyword 24X7, which means this tweak is going to consume your battery backup rapidly.

IMPORTANT: This tweak is only available for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S at the moment. i.e, only those iDevices having a support for Siri will be able to make use of this tweak. DO NOT follow this tutorial if you are using iPhone 4 or below.

Getting Started with Voice Control Siri

Step 1: By now, we are assuming you have already jailbroken your iDevice, and are familiar with Cydia app. For those who don’t know, it hold all the tweaks and apps released unofficially by jailbreak team developers. Cydia app should be available on your device springboard as seen in the screenshot below.


Step 2: Tap the Cydia icon to launch the app, and navigate to the Search button located in the bottom navigation menu to search for the tweak. Once you find the tweak, tap on it to see a screen similar to the one below.


NOTE: Hands-Free Control is a paid Cydia tweak hosted by BigBoss repository. You will have to purchase it for about $2.99 USD before you would be able to use it. Now here is the twist! We at SwapMyApp want to leave the change in your pocket intact, and here’s how you can get this amazing tweak absolutely free.

Step 3: Once you complete installing the app from Cydia, click on Return To Cydia button located on the bottom of black-installation screen as shown below.


Step 4: You have now successfully installed Hands-Free Control for Siri on your iPhone. To access its settings, navigate to Settings->Hands-Free Control. You can turn the feature on/off there, and also change the hot-keyword your phone will be listening to all the time. By default, it’s Siri, however you can over-write with any word of your choice.

To save on battery life, you can disable the tweak any-time by navigating to it’s dashboard in the Settings app. That’s it! Sit back, and speak the hot-keyword to activate Siri, and let it do all the work on your behalf.

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