How To Wipe Cydia Tweaks Without Restoring Your iPhone

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For sure it is fun to jailbreak Apple’s iDevices and use the iOS firmware beyond the official limits. For those who are still unaware, jailbreaking removes the thin wall between user interface and the iOS firmware, induced by Apple to keep third-party applications restricted to a certain boundary. Well, the jailbreak community certainly disagrees with it, and hence we have the Cydia application which is the mother of all jailbreak tweaks, and houses all repositories containing apps and tweaks from various iOS developers.

Now, in case you jailbreak your device, you may experience certain abnormalities in your iPhone, it may even get slowed, or starts losing data and in such case the Apple support would refuse to help you since jailbreaking in many countries voids the device’s manufacturers warranty. Anyway, for those who have tried and enjoyed jailbreaking facilities, and wish to get back to the official iOS  stock firmware, we have SemiRestore7 to wipe off all Cydia tweaks and speed up your iPhone. To wipe Cydia tweaks without restoring your iPhone, follow the tutorial below.

How To Wipe Cydia Tweaks Without Restoring Your iPhone

NOTE: There are other applications like ILEX. RAT which perform a similar function, but they keep your device at a risk of getting bricked. So far, SemiRestore7 is the safest and most used application to clean out jailbreak content from your iPhone without jailbreaking. We highly recommend you to take a complete backup of your iPhone before proceeding with the tutorial below. Also, SemiRestore7 works perfectly fine with iOS 5 to iOS 7.0.6.

Before we begin, you need:

  1. A jailbroken iPhone, of course.
  2. Access to OpenSSH on your iPhone. (Else, install it from the Cydia app store first.)
  3. SemiRestore7 [Download]

How To Wipe Cydia Tweaks Without Restoring Your iPhone

Step 1: Download SemiRestore7 from the download link above, and extract the files accordingly. By default the .zip file is password encrypted. The password to extract the files is semirestore.

Step 2: Install the application by launching the setup file, as shown in the screenshot below.8-9-2014 11-17-27 AM

Step 3: Now, simply run SemiRestore7 on your system, and now connect your iPhone to it using a USB data cable.

Step 4: SemiRestore7 will automatically detect your iDevice, and display it on the screen.

8-9-2014 11-30-41 AM

Step 5: Click on the SemiRestore7 button, and sit back and relax.

8-9-2014 11-31-15 AM

Step 6: You will see various stages being performed on the screen. No need to worry, the app is cleaning up your system.

8-9-2014 11-33-19 AM

Step 7: After a while, the process will complete and show a completely filled green level indicator. You can disconnect your device from the system now.

8-9-2014 11-33-36 AM

Step 8: Restart your iPhone, and it should be much faster than before. Now, your iPhone is jailbreak free and has no Cydia content on it any more.

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