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Do routine conversations with your acquaintances always tend to end up as a fight about who is the King of Bollywood? Does the Entertainment News always take precedence over the International and National News in your daily newspaper reading pattern? Is your current caller tune a foot-tapping Bollywood number? If you answered “Yes" to any of the above questions “Bollywood Music" is the app for you.

Screenshot of home page of the Bollywood Music app

The home page of the Bollywood Music app looks like this

One of the best features of this app is the neatly organized home page which lists all of the features this app includes. It should be warned here that starting up the app will always cause some minor lag since it has to load your entire music library. For the new user, the first two functions of “Player" and “My Music" is initially of no use since it includes only those songs which are downloaded from this app; which will be a null set when you first use this app.

Screenshot of player in the Bollywood Music app

This is what the Player looks like in the Bollywood Music app

The “Music Library" function redirects you to a new page which has individual buttons representing the different genres of music included in this app. Tap on the genre of your choice, choose the song that catches your attention and voila; you have the option of playing it. You can also download it now to listen to it later when you are offline. Quite obviously you will need a working Internet connection and a fast one at that (preferably 3G or WiFi) for the downloading feature. You can also sort the songs either alphabetically or according to their era and arrange them in the order you prefer.

Screenshot of new page of the Bollywood Music app

The “New” page features all the new releases in the Bollywood Music app

Next up is the “Downloads" page which will show any songs you are currently downloading. Since the app is completely free for the end user, you may notice advertisements at the top and bottom of your screen; but they hardly interfere with your app experience.

Screenshot of the featured page in the Bollywood Music app

The Featured page in the Bollywood Music app

The “Album Search" feature is great for downloading the songs you keep humming, but never really have the time to sit and search for a valid link online. A few clicks on your keypad and a few taps on your screen are all it takes to add that particular song to your phone storage.This is followed by the “Settings" page this which lets you decide every little aspect of this app. Right from the colours and theme you like, to whether or not your phone should download under a locked screen, every decision is left to you. It almost seems like the publisher, “Nairasoft", is trying to tell this you that here, the end user is King.

Screenshot of settings in the Bollywood Music app

The all-inclusive Settings page in the Bollywood Music app

Swiping right from the home page opens the “New" screen. Here is where songs from newly released albums and movies find their place in the app. Swiping further gets you the “Top Hits" screen, which looks highly spurious since the songs listed here are ones you have probably never heard before. Similar is the next screen to the right which shows up “Featured" content; right from the Jagjit Singh classics from the 80s to the more recent Raaz 3.

Screenshot of the Top Hits page of the Bollywood Music app

Here’s the Top Hits page of the Bollywood Music app

With regard to the overall layout of the app, we can’t help feeling that the developers have heavily borrowed from the looks of the older Nokia Music app. Moreover, Bollywood Music is rife with bugs that cause random app crashes; and this is bound to annoy any user. With a little more work on it, this app has the potential to stand out, but right now it is just about average. However, if you really are the die-hard Bollywood fan you claim to be, why not give this app a try?

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