Catch the Daily Sports Update on Windows Phone with Bing Sport

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Have you ever stayed up all night to watch matches of your favourite football team and cheer them on? Do you deify Sachin Tendulkar and worship him as the “God of cricket”? Do you always scan through the Sports section of any newspaper before you even take a look of the headlines? Do you have what it takes to be called a sports fanatic? Then consider Microsoft Corporation’s “Bing Sport” app as an answer to all of your prayers!

Screenshot of home page of the Bing Sport app

Here’s what the home page of the Bing Sport app looks like!

As soon as you open this app, a page called the “Scoreboard” comes up on your phone’s screen. Listed here are the summarized scores of all the recent or live matches going on around the world, neatly categorized according to the sport. Tapping on the match of your choice opens up detailed information regarding the same; including the summary, team statistics and complete information about the two competing teams. With the green background and a white font for football matches, the overall feel of this app is invariably sporty.
A swipe to the left from the “Scoreboard” page gives you the “News” page. As the name suggests, this page contains all the latest sports related news you want; be it updated transfer rumours or changes in team line-ups. Since this page gathers information from different news sources, what we have here is a comprehensive and all-inclusive page dedicated to sports news.

Screnshot of News article on Bing Sport

Here’s what a news article in the Bing Sport app looks like

Swiping further you are given the option of adding your favourite teams; regardless of the sport. With all of your favourite teams and their stats on one single page, you only need to view this screen in order to be updated about all of them within a matter of seconds. This is a great feature and is immensely helpful to sports enthusiasts with innumerable teams to support.

Screenshot of My Teams in Bing Sport

You can select your favourite teams and see their latest conquests on this page!

The next screen allows you to choose the sport of your choice and this includes options such as tennis, PGA and Formula 1 in addition to the other immensely popular sports such as cricket, football and NBA. Swiping further takes you to the “Slideshows” page where you can find interesting sports related images in plenty with a description and details as well. The next page is that of “Popular athletes”, and tapping on the athlete of your choice takes you to a page dedicated solely to that particular athlete. This page contains all the information you require, complete with their profiles, top stories, photos, videos and their tags in social networking sites.

Screenshot of Sachin Tendulkar's page in the Bing SPort app

This is what Sachin’s page looks like in the Popular Athletes screen

Since the developer of this app is the software goliath, “Microsoft Corporation”, be assured of this app being glitch free. “Bing Sport” works like a breeze and has no bugs whatsoever. The interactive layout and attractive feel only add to this app’s charms. The only thing the developer can do to make this app more popular is add the newer and popular sports formats such as the IPL, which is currently missing.

Screenshot of match summary in the Bing Sport app

An example of the detailed match summary provided by the Bing Sport app

Another issue is this app’s complete dependence on the Internet since it fetches data continuously. Make sure you have a 3G data pack or a reliable WiFi source nearby, because you will have to wait forever for the pages to load with a slower net connection. This limits the app’s usage to mostly urban areas and the complete potential of it cannot be unleashed.

Screenshot of SLideshows page of Bing Sport

The Slideshow page of the Bing Sport app lets you check out images of the latest sporting events all around the world!

However, all things considered, this is a great app for someone who claims to be a sports fanatic and wants to catch the Daily Sports Update on Windows Phone. With this app right by your side, you will always be the first one to know the latest sports related information with simply a few taps. So go ahead, download this app today and be the subject of all your friends’ jealousy.

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