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With all the dating and relationship advice apps that are flooding the Windows phone app store, it is refreshing to see one such as “Date and Romantic ideas", an app published by Swetharathan, trying to survive in the cut-throat competition that is out there. This app, like its name suggests, keeps generating romantic ideas for you and your special someone to do on your date. So it is an ideal app to help you make your Valentine’s Day plans this Feb.

As soon as you open up this app, the following screen with a single button called “Generate" comes up. You can tap on this to generate a romantic idea for a date.

Screenshot of home page layout of Date and romantic ideas app

Click on “Generate” to make romantic ideas start pouring in!

This is an app with undoubtedly the cleanest interface we have ever seen, with no irritating ads popping up or unnecessary registrations asking for your email id. With just a single active button, there is hardly any confusion when it comes to using this app and therefore it is extremely user friendly.

Example of dating idea in the Date and romantic ideas app

Liked this romantic idea for a date? Find more in the Date and romantic ideas app

Tapping the “Generate" button continuously gives you innovative things you and your partner could do on your special date. These include options such as a rooftop date for two, learning culinary skills together and plenty more – ideal for your Valentine’s Day plans.

Screenshot of Date and romantic ideas app

An innovative idea to spend the evening with your date

Since this app randomly selects the results from a ready made database of romantic ideas, you may find that after a while some ideas do get repeated. This is an intrinsic flaw in the way these kinds of apps are made and we have to deal with it. Also, the baby pink background may put off the overly-manly, oversensitive guy; and a self-respecting man would probably never admit the use of this app in public.

Furthermore, you can send or share your most suitable option to your date using text messaging or any of the social networking apps supported by your phone. This is an useful practical feature that can help you share and decide your Valentine’s Day plans and plans for romantic dates with your special one. This is obviously not free since network charges will apply, so think twice before sending your partner dozens of these messages.

Screenshot of text message feature in the Date and romantic ideas app

Send your chosen romantic idea as a text message!

Currently, the functionality of this app is limited to the aforementioned features only. This is a boon as well as a bane; a limited functionality helps maintain a squeaky-clean interface, but when users download this app they might expect more out of it. And since the users are never supposed to feel that they are getting lesser than what they bargained for, it would be great if some new functionalities were added. Out of the top of my head, listing singles in your locality and the feature to send them a personalized message would be the way to go. Is the app developer listening?

Screenshot of sharing on Facebook feature on the Date and romantic ideas app

Share your romantic idea on Facebook!

All in all, this is an app that does what it promises; and nothing more. With Valentine’s Day almost here you have a platform here to check out the insightful romantic ideas this app claims to posses and try it out with your special someone. Do let us know later if it worked.

This app is available in Windows App Store (click the button below for download).

If you find this review to be helpful, send us your feedback. We value your opinions, and they matter to us!

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