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With 14th February right around the corner, does the mere thought of spending yet another Valentine’s Day holed up alone in your room make you uncomfortable? Worry not, here comes “DateSquare", an app published by TechVoyage, to help you find a valentine you deserve.

The first screen that opens up when you click on the DateSquare logo is one which asks for your permission to learn your location and use your internet connectivity. Since the app uses your network connection and your location, it is recommended that you go to settings and turn both of these on. Once you click on the “I agree" button you are redirected to a screen which has two options; “Search hot places" and “Profile settings".

Home Screen

Starting to find a valentine

Since you need a good profile to attract and properly utilize the potential of the website and to find a valentine, it is advisable that you first click on “Profile Settings". Once there, you can login using your Facebook or Twitter profiles, or create a new one exclusively for DateSquare.

Screenshot of login page of DateSquare app

Here’s what the Login page of DateSquare looks like

Once in the profile screen you can upload a display picture and provide information such as your name, birthday, gender, height and so on. A swipe to the left takes you to a screen where you can input information about the kind of partner you are looking for. You can choose gender, the range of his or her age and height, preferred ethnicity and body type. Once you are content with your choices, you can save both your profile and your preferences and you are ready to find a valentine for yourself.

Partner preference page on DateSquare app

Swipe left in the “Profile settings” page to set your partner preferences

Clicking the “Search hot places" divides the screen into two parts; the top one showing the basic information of the people around you using this app and the bottom one showing you their location in the map.

"Search hot places" screenshot on DateSquare app

The screen divides into two when you click on “Search hot places”

You can also zoom into the map to the profile that interests you. Once you find his or her current location, you may click on his display picture to get to his profile. Here, along with their name you can also find information about their age and height. A swipe towards the left also gives you a blown up image of your next potential partner’s display picture. If you like what you see you can choose to either chat or date them. For offensive users, you may use the “Block" or “Report user" buttons as shown below in the screenshots.

Profile on DateSquare app

This is what a profile looks like in DateSquare

An important thing to notice is that some of the functionality of the app is lost if you refuse to register. So to enjoy this app and to fulfill your desire to find a valentine, you need to either login through your Facebook/Twitter account or make a new profile for DateSquare. Once this is done, you can freely chat or send “Date requests" to whoever you think deserves your attention.

Chat functionality of DateSquare app

Successfully found your valentine? Start chatting with them.

Once your request for a date is accepted, you can directly dial and call your date, thus avoiding the embarrassing “May I have your number please" routine. This comprehensive app also gives you directions to your date once your request is accepted. You will also receive notifications once the app finds someone compatible in your surrounding areas. This way you don’t have to keep checking your app for possible dates. In order to enhance the chances of finding a suitable date the app accesses your location and uses this information when locating a date.

Calling and locating feature of DateSquare

Once your date request has been accepted you can call or locate your date

As you can see a lot of thought has been put into this app and to top it all off, it’s completely free. So go ahead, download the app and find a valentine in no time at all.

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