Catch the Daily News Update on Windows Phone with Bing News

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Do you wake up every morning and wait for the newspaper-wallah to come knocking at your door? Do you consider a fresh-out-of-the-press newspaper to be the perfect accompaniment to your morning tea? Do you visit the official Times of India website before even signing in to check your email? If you answered any of the above questions with a resonating “Hell yeah!”, consider Microsoft Corporation’s “Bing News” app tailor-made for you.

Screenshot of home page of Bing News app

Home Page of the Bing News app keeps you updated with the latest Headlines!

As soon as you launch this app you can see a fit-to-screen image with the latest headline in the bottom pillsarena left of your phone’s screen. Tapping on the headline takes you to a new page with the entire news article, including relevant images too. You will also find options to play with the font style and size, and choose the one that suits you best. This is a great additional feature that will help the aged in checking out the news without any help from their glasses. With the “Refresh” button placed conveniently in every page, you can be sure of always receiving the latest updates with just a simple tap.

Screenshot of Options on Bing News app

The conveniently placed “Refresh” button makes sure you always have the latest updates!

Swiping to your left takes you to more articles about the headlining news, all from different sources. These include NDTV, BBC, PTI,IANS, India Today and IBN live. Providing news from all different sources in one single platform without any hiccups is no small task, but Bing News makes it look like a cakewalk. With a fast enough Internet connection there is no lag at all between pages and this indeed enhances your news-reading experience.

Screenshot of News sources on Bing News app

Select the News source of your choice! Create your personalized news platform on the Bing News app.

The pièce de résistance of this app hands-down is the ability of giving its users the same news from different validated sources with just a swipe. This ensures that the user has an unbiased view and can make a sound judgment based on all the articles he’s allowed to read. This makes sure that the media will not able to colour his vision with its subtle propaganda and he is immune from the cons of today’s news providers.

Screenshot of Headlines page of Bing News

The Headlines page lists all the trending news articles for you to choose from!

Swiping from the home screen now gives you the “Headlines” page which contains the latest headlines, photos, sports, entertainment, technology, editorials, international and business topics. Tap on whatever post interests you, and you will be transported to a page completely dedicated to that particular news article.

Screenshot of News sources on Bing News app

Select the News source of your choice! Create your personalized news platform on the Bing News app.

Swiping further gets you to the “Sources” page which lets you decide the news sources you want to hear from. This comprehensive list includes all the news providers you have ever heard of and lets you select the source of your choice. You can also search according to region on this page and access International news sources such as Reuters, ABC News, Al Jazeera and so on. Basically, what you can do here is make a personalized digital news paper with yourself as the chief editor.

Screenshot of Videos page on Bing News app

With the Videos page on Bing News, you will never feel the need to tune in to television news channels!

Further, to your right, is the “Topics” page where you can select the topics that interest you. Simply tap the “+” button, search for your topics in their database and add them to your “Topics” page. Swiping once more takes you to the “Videos” page which lets you view the latest video releases of news sources. With the good quality of the videos listed here, you need not tune in to television news channels anymore!

The dependence on internet connectivity notwithstanding, Bing News  is a great app to catch the Daily News Update on Windows Phone. Published by “Microsoft Corporation”, If a consolidated platform of the latest releases from different news sources is what you need, this is the app for you!

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