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Fans of the popular TV show “Game of Thrones”; brace yourselves, Season Four is almost here!  Do you wish to brush up on your knowledge about the characters involved and their detailed personality traits? Are you afraid that you may have forgotten the character depiction and the intricate plot twists? You need not fret anymore since the “Game of Thrones Almanac” app published by Silver Dollar Software is here to help you out of your predicament.

SCreenshot of the home page the Game of Thrones Almanac app

The Home Page of the Game of Thrones Almanac app

Launching this app opens up the “Featured” page which shows a random character and his or her bio. Every time you start this app you will find that a new character features on this screen, thus ensuring that on a long enough timeline, you have easy access to all of the characters. It must be mentioned here that since this app depends on the internet for all of its information (the app itself is less than 1MB), you can expect some considerable lag even with access to a fast and stable internet connection.

Tapping on the character’s image on the home screen take you to a page solely dedicated to him or her. This includes a short bio, his vital attributes, videos and images. The video links take you directly to YouTube, so you know the type and quality of videos you can expect.  At the bottom of the screen you will find a “Pin” button which enable you to pin this particular character to your Home Screen for easy access.

Screenshot of Tyrion Lannister page on the Game of Thrones Almanac app

Tyrion Lannister’s bio page. Need we say anymore?

The “People” page lets you browse through all the characters in this epic saga based on the “house” to which they belong. Simply select the house of your choice and view the detailed storyline of the characters in it with an easy tap! Swiping to your left takes you to the “Recently Updated” page which contains new additions to the app. Since the major characters are all covered beforehand, you will find the not-very-popular characters under this title.

Screenshot of attributes page on the Game of Thrones Almanac app

Personal attributes can also be viewed with a simple swipe!

Swiping further takes you to the “Most Popular” page which shows you the most seen character bios on this app. And every time I launched this app, the most popular personality was always the “Mother of Dragons”, Daenerys Targaryen (just saying). The next page is that of “Seldom Seen” which, as the name suggests, contains the characters who aren’t viewed very often this app.

Screenshot of most popular page on the Game of Thrones Almanac app

Here’s what the “Most Popular” page looks like!

The next page is that of “News” which gives us latest updates about the TV show. It should be noted that this app only covers the televised version, and not the original books this show is adapted from. It is on this page that you can watch sneak peeks or trailers of the upcoming seasons and is completely useful for all the over-enthusiastic fans out there.

Screenshot of News page of the Game of Thrones Almanac app

The “News” page of the Game of Thrones Almanac app looks like this

Although this app has noble intentions, it fails to perform as per our expectations. There is a lot of work left to be done on this app to make it stand out in the Windows Phone App Store. Inconvenient app crashes and a woefully long lagging time once this app is resumed after the screen is locked are reasons why this app is not half as popular as the TV show. The continuous advertisements that show up on the bottom of the screen also tend to make this app worse for the user. Nevertheless, if you do want to brush up on your character knowledge before the fourth installment of GoT, do give this app a try and let us know if you liked it.

Screenshot of recently updated page of the Game of Thrones Almanac app

The “Recently Updated” page shows newly added characters on this app

This app is available for free download in the Windows Phone App Store

Download from windows app store
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