Enhance your Vocabulary with GRE Vocab Assist App [Windows Phone]

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Are you unhappy with your current job or educational qualification and looking for a better role or money? Do you feel a sense of bewitchment with ‘The American Dream’ and motivated enough to do something about it? If you’ve done your homework you already know that the only way to even get considered for admission in a foreign university is by scoring well in your Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and the “GRE Vocab Assist” app published by Jackie Kong is here to help you do just that.

Screenshot of home page of GRE Vocab Assist app

Home Page of the GRE Vocab Assist app is basically an unending list of words!

The revised General Test of GRE marks you according to your proficiency in Quants (Basic mathematical skills) and Verbal (Vocabulary and Comprehension). Like any average Indian Engineer you too might feel the Quants section to be an insult to your intelligence because of the elementary Math questions that are asked. It is the dreaded Verbal section that gives you nightmares, since you are competing with International students who have had English as their mother tongue for generations together. This app for GRE vocabulary list building attempts to reduce your fear of words by making an easy-to-use app that mimics a game in its features.

Screenshot of word meaning on GRE Vocab Assist app

The minimalistic style adopted by the GRE Vocab Assist app

The home page of this app contains an alphabetical list of all the words you need to master in order to ace the Verbal section of GRE. Scrolling down this list is a major pain since there are close to 4800 words here. This app does not have a search feature which is a huge disappointment since it is practically impossible to scroll down for ten minutes to find the meanings of words such as “zephyr” or “zealot” which are at the bottom of this humongous list.

Screenshot of test page of GRE Vocab Assist app

The Test page looks like this

By some miracle if you do find the word you were looking for with minimal scrolling, you are given the option of “pinning” it. All the words you need multiple revisions of can be later found at the “Pinned” page, which makes sure you won’t have to go through the entire searching process again. This feature also makes for easy revision and will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Screenshot of test on GRE Vocab Assist app

This is what your screen looks like when the Test is on!

Now for the most interesting section of this app – the “Test” page. Here you are first given the option of selecting the source of the questions; “All” or only the “Pinned” ones. You can also select the number of questions you want to feature in the test depending on your patience and the amount of time you have to kill. Once the test is completed, the results are declared which give you a detailed insight to your command over the English vocabulary. The results page tells you the percentage of correct answers, average time per word and also the total time. It also includes the list of words you got wrong and right and gives you the option of pinning down words that you had difficulty in. The test feature helps you compete with your past performances and results in you bettering your current vocabulary.

Screenshot of results on GRE Vocab Assist app

Here’s what the Results page of the GRE Vocab Assist app looks like

The definitions of words in this app is minimalistic in style, and it provides you links to the most common online dictionaries for that particular word if you’re up for further reading. Except for this feature, the app is complete in itself with absolutely no internet connectivity required which is wonderful for the end user.

All in all this is a fun app which will certainly help you learn new words and memorize their meanings. Including a “Search” feature makes this app a force to be reckoned with so we hope future updates would entail it. Nevertheless, if your GRE exam is fast approaching and the Verbal section gives you the heebie-jeebies, do this app a try and tell us if you liked it.

This app is available for download in the Windows App Store, follow the download button provided below:

Download from windows app store
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