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Are you the admin of a Facebook page whose sudden popularity and rise to fame have left you speechless? Do you think you have an innovative idea for a mobile app, but do not possess any coding skills whatsoever? What about being the founder of a website which you would love to make available for your mobile users, but do not have the technical know-how of how to go about it? Introducing Conduit Mobile iOS, Fire OS and Android App Maker, which is practically the answer to all of your prayers!

What Conduit offers to do is pretty awesome yet surprisingly simple. In three easy steps you can make your own customizable mobile app and put it up on various app stores for downloading. It must be noted that currently they serve only the iOS, Android, and Fire OS platforms.

With Conduit Mobile you have a one-stop app creation platform. Impressive!

The three simple steps of creating an app using Conduit Mobile are:

  • Name your app: Make sure you choose an innovative name for your app to generate maximum interest
  • Choose your app type: You will find various options such as business, music, blog, photography; you get the drift
  • Grab my content: This is where you paste the link of your Facebook page or the URL of your website so that Conduit can directly pull content off it and add it to your app.

You can easily edit your app and at the same time observe how it looks on a phone screen

That’s it! It really is that simple! Once these three basic steps are done with, you are given the option of editing your app and adding more content or features as and when you please. A simulator on this page shows you exactly how the app will look on a mobile screen and you can keep changing the format until you achieve a satisfactory result. Once you have an app you are happy with, simply click on the “Save and continue" button in order to be prompted to sign up for a Conduit Mobile account, which is extremely easy (just enter your email ID and a password and you’re good to go). After this step you can go open up a bottle of champagne and celebrate, because now you have your very own app. Congratulations!

The easy-to-use interface of the Conduit iOS, Fire OS and Android App Maker is also worth a mention. With every button right where it should be, Conduit App Maker is the epitome of good design. Interactive screens with simple instructions ensure that app-making is now a cakewalk for you. If you are from a non-coding background (like most of us ordinary mortals), and have a business or website that requires a mobile app, look no further than the Conduit app-building platform. It truly is a lifesaver for people like you!

// Up until now everything was free of charge; how then does Conduit generate revenue, you ask? This is where it gets interesting; Conduit offers different plans in order to monetize their efforts. You couldn’t possibly think all the difficult codes and programs they wrote would be completely free? No sir! Although you can create an elementary app using the “Basic" (read: free) plan, it wouldn’t be of any use for business purposes because it can only be downloaded five times. Unlimited downloads, as well as services such as app submission to the app stores via the Conduit Mobile team, are reserved only for the “Gold," "Diamond" and “Platinum" plan users. But with the amount of work they have put in to create a one-stop app maker for you, their rates are very reasonable indeed. The “Gold" plan charges a very nominal amount of $39 per month for the services rendered, and you must agree that this is an offer you can’t refuse. No wonder it is the most popular of all the various plans available!

If all this wasn’t enough for you, Conduit Mobile also provides you with ways to generate income from your app, promote it, share your content, and analyze its usage data thoroughly. It also provides solutions to keep your users engaged with your app, and this kind of thought into the intricate details is what makes Conduit Mobile a game-changer in the app world.

Once your app is ready, Conduit Mobile helps you to publish it in the app store of your choice

Before you try learning coding from scratch do see what Conduit Mobile has to offer; you will not be disappointed. It has everything you need, and more, in order to create an app. Sounds too good to be true? Well, we used it ourselves and they definitely get our “thumbs up." So go ahead, give it a try, and let us know if it helped you as much as it helped us.

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