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As some of you may know, Apple unveiled a brand new technology during the last Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. All of you technology buffs and Apple fan boys know what we are talking about – the iOS In The Car (iOSitC) technology! Ever since its unveiling in June 2013 there have been speculations about the date of the commercial launch of this innovative device which will replace the mundane LCD screens; and finally with the latest reports we know that it will, in all probability, be launched sometime next week.
So should you be excited? Hell yea!!! Once the legalities and paper work is done with, we can see Apple collaborating with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo and other top players in the automotive sector to produce your very own in-car entertainment/navigation device. It has been proposed to replace boring LCD displays in vehicles with hi-tech devices mounted with the iOS software which will without doubt make your daily travel to and from work an adventure in its own.
What does this all mean, you may ask. We’re here to tell you!

We all know how crappy the Apple Maps feature is and how Google maps has made it red with embarrassment. However, with the Satellite Navigation (SatNav) functionality in the iOSitC you need not worry anymore! The in-built GPS positions you accurately with minimal effort points you to the right direction with its interactive display. With step-by-step voice guidance you can be assured that you will never be lost again!

Another much-talked about feature is the “Siri: Eyes Free" function. We all are acquainted with Siri and her fame in the world of Voice Assistants. However, it is the iOSitC technology that truly exploits the potential of the voice recognition software and unleashes its true power. Simply saying your command out loud will be sufficient to make Siri sit up and take notice of your query, all without you even taking your eyes off the road!
Let us take a moment and think about the effect this will have on the whole driving experience. No more fidgeting with your cellphone when you are driving; no more taking your eyes off the road to control the music system. With the iOSitC, all you have to do is say out your command and Siri will do the needful for you. The range of functions are many; with the iOSitC you can give voice commands to call people to tell them you’re running late or choose to play a song that closely aligns with your current state of mind. Another great advantage is the feature to text people using only your voice; all this while giving top priority to keeping your eyes on the road.
The automobile industry is continuously expanding, so saying that the market for the iOSitC is huge would also be an understatement. And after all its Apple Inc. we are talking about, so the design is going to be top notch and ergonomically satisfying. No wonder the best car makers out there are begging for a shot at including iOSitC as their in-car system. Please fasten your seatbelts people, the future is here!

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