How to have a lag free Facebook experience on Windows Phone

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Facebook, the immensely popular Social Networking site recently celebrated its tenth birthday. And cashing in on this highly marketed anniversary is the Facebook for Windows phone developed by the publisher “Million Dollar Baby”.

We are all at home with Facebook and in all probability are logged into it right now. Recent statistics show that there are more than a billion active users of this social networking giant and apps based on it are available in plenty on any platform and device. Although, the most prominent third party developers have also joined the bandwagon in developing Facebook for windows phone and related apps, they were always reviewed badly with major bugs afflicting them. Enter the new and improved Facebook for windows phone by Million Dollar Baby with a Windows App Store official rating of four and a half stars out of a possible five and we certainly second that rating.

Like all the Facebook apps flooding the App Store, this too asks for your login id and password when you start this app for the first time. Keep in mind that this information is asked of you only for the very first time, after which you are automatically logged into Facebook every time you open this app.

Screenshot of Login page on Facebook app

This is what the Facebook app looks when you launch it for the very first time

Once your identity is verified, a screen containing your most recent News Feed comes up. Scrolling down enables you to view older data and with a fast internet connection (3G or WiFi), navigation is a walk in the park. Just like the mobile site of Facebook for Windows phone, the top most bar of your screen consists of three main buttons; namely the Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications buttons. Any unseen update on any of these three functions comes up in a tiny red bubble next to the button, similar to the official site.

Screenshot of Swap My App page on facebook

The Swap My App page on Facebook!

Tapping on the Options tab at the top left of your screen (the one with the three horizontal lines), gives you a way to navigate to your page of choice. This is also where you will find the Search feature. Right up until now, this app simply imitates the Facebook site in its layout and features. What sets this app apart are the four buttons on the bottom of your screen; which are the Home, Photo feed, Chat and Refresh buttons respectively.

Screenshot of News Feed page on Facebook app

See your latest News Feeds with just a tap on the new Facebook app

Tapping on the three dots you will find at the bottom right of your screen helps you navigate quickly to the most popular features of Facebook including Search, Friends, Pokes, Messages, Groups and so on. You can also find a shortcut to your own profile and your Facebook page settings on this list.

Screenshot of three dots button on facebook

Tapping the three dots on the bottom right of your screen further opens the above choices

With everything right where it should be, you will be surprised to know that the app developer has clearly mentioned that this is NOT the official Facebook for Windows phone app and that it only works as a web shortcut for That being said, it certainly follows the general layout of the official site with its blue backdrop and overall feel. With no unexpected crashes or lagging, this app is sturdy and a pretty decent effort from the developer’s side.

Screenshot of Options button on the top left of your screen in Facebook

Tapping the Options button on the top left of your screen opens this list.

All things put together, this app does not provide any added or innovative functionality. However, if you are a regular user of Facebook and do not want to open your browser, type in the website address and then log in each time you want to use it; your search ends here. Simply pin this app to your Home Screen of your Windows phone and always stay updated with the latest notifications with just a single tap!

Share your lag free Facebook experience on Windows Phone. It’ll be our pleasure to hear from you. This app is available for download from Windows App Store.

Download from Windows App Store

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