Maximum life in Maximum City : Transport in Mumbai made easy with m-Indicator App

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If living in Mumbai since the last twenty one years has taught me anything, it is this – the best way to get from one point to another point in this “city of dreams" is by means of public transport. And believe me when I say this, transport in Mumbai is not a cakewalk for a localite too, let alone the nightmare it will be for a newbie. Here is where “m-Indicator", a free app developed by Mobond Software Consultancy Services, comes to the rescue.

Screenshot of the homepage of the mIndicator app

Homepage of the mIndicator app

This app has all the information one needs to travel in this city and its suburbs, and more. Right from the famous local train network to BEST buses, autorickshaws and taxi services, this app brings all the information you need for all your transport in Mumbai right at your fingertips. If the detailed knowledge about the transport network is not enough, the classifieds, jobs, movies and varied entertainment choices are the icing on the cake.

Screenshot of select railway route in the mIndicator app

Select your rail route to choose the most suitable train

As soon as you click on the app’s logo, you are directed to a website managed by Mobond which shows varied advertisements. Since it is not necessary to have a working internet connection for this app, this step can be skipped altogether with no compromise on functionality. This is a great feature given data connectivity may not be equally available in all parts of the city. Tapping the back button of your Windows phone now brings you to the homepage which is neatly arranged in 4×3 (Rows x Columns), complete with distinctive logos as shown in the screenshot above.

The Railway logo takes you to a screen which asks you to select the route you wish to travel in. The information about railway codes, ticket fares and rail maps is also easily accessible on this screen. Once you choose the route of your choice you are asked to choose a direction (towards or away from Mumbai CST or Churchgate), after which this interactive app asks you where you are. Selecting the station where you wish to board a train gives you a detailed timetable of all the trains going towards the direction you selected in the previous step. Clicking on the train most preferable to you will give you complete information about the arrival of the train in each station till the destination is reached.

Screenshot of Search for buses in Mumbai

The next logo is that of the red B.E.S.T buses which are a distinctive feature of the Mumbai roads. Here you can select the type of bus you require, be it B.E.S.T, N.M.M.T, T.M.T or V.V.M.T, depending on your locality. You can search for your bus according to the bus number, bus stop or source and destination bus stops. This app also provides search services for AC buses, but this is a feature which requires a working internet connection.

Screenshot of bus search feature using source and destination on the mIndicator app

Search buses by inputting the source and destination bus stops

The next in store for you in this app is the detailed summary of autorickshaws and taxi fares. The screen shows you the rate in INR per kilometer and also provides a button for information about night charges (12 midnight to 5am). By providing contact numbers for all the RTOs in and around Mumbai, this app ensures that you will never be swindled by some cunning drivers, since you can now lodge a complaint with ease.

Screenshot of auto night fares on mIndicator app

mIndicator lists out the night fares of Autorickshaws

Contact numbers of nearest RTOs in the mIndicator app

Contact numbers of nearest RTOs

As if all the above reasons are not good enough for you to download this app, it also includes comprehensive information about classifieds, job opportunities, theater performances (naatak), mega blocks on the railway network, picnic spots near Mumbai, checking of the PNR status on the Indian Rail website and movies running in your local multiplexes.

Status of booking using PNR on mIndicator app

Check the current status of your booking by just entering the PNR number

So if you are looking for a survival guide in a city like Mumbai, you need not look any further; “m-Indicator" is the app for you. Since it is an app free for downloading, and the size being lesser than 1MB, you really have no excuses to not give this app a try. So go ahead, say goodbye to all your woes regarding local transport in Mumbai.

Screenshot of Movies and theatre performances in the mIndicator app

Movies and theatre performances near you

Screenshot of Information regarding Mega Blocks for the Mumbai local trains in the mIndicator app

Information regarding Mega Blocks for the Mumbai local trains

Screenshot of Picnic spots near Mumbai listed in the mIndicator app

Picnic spots near Mumbai listed in the mIndicator app

The app is available for download from the Google Play Store and Windows App Store (click the buttons below for download).

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