Mumbai Helpine app on the Windows Phone Platform to Solve Your Urgent Needs

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Published by Krish512, the “Mumbai Helpline” is a must-have app for all Mumbaikars without exception. Though the range of functions of this app is not very impressive, it does manage to find a place in the virtual survival kit of anyone residing in Mumbai and provides helpline numbers of services you cannot do without.

Screenshot of homepage of the Mumbai Helpline app

Here’s what the homepage of the Mumbai Helpline app looks like!

Clicking on the app’s logo on the App List of your Windows phone opens up the home page of this extremely user-friendly app. This contains neatly arranged icons of frequently searched for services such as those for emergencies, private help lines and the home delivery numbers of popular fast food restaurant chains.

Screenshot of Emergency page of the Mumbai Helpline app

The Emergency page of the Mumbai Helpline app looks like this!

Tapping on the “Emergency” button takes you to a page listing all the hotline numbers you might need in case of an emergency. This list includes the contact numbers of the closest Police Stations, BMC Disaster Management Cells, Fire Brigades, Blood Banks and Ambulance Services, among others. It is interesting to note that the Police and Disaster Management Cell’s hotline numbers are given precedence over the missing persons bureau or the travel agents’ contact details.

Screenshot of the Private Helpline page of the Mumbai Helpline app

This is what the Private Helpline page of the Mumbai Helpline app looks like!

The second button on the homepage of this app is the one for “Private Helplines” which include the contact details of private telephone directory services, such as Just Dial. If you do not find the phone number of the establishment you were looking for in this app, you can always dial any of these private helplines to guide you in your endeavour.

Screenshot of Domino's page in the Mumbai Helpline app

Hungry Kya? Here’s the alphabetically arranged Domino’s outlets in the Mumbai Helpline app

The remaining three buttons feature the contact numbers of the most popular fast food restaurant’s branches all over Mumbai. By using the “Search” feature you can easily identify the branch closest to your locality and then obtain their contact number for home delivery in a matter of seconds. Never before has it been so easy to obtain contact details of your favourite restaurant chain!

Screenshot of the Search feature in the Mumbai Helpline app

The Search feature is here to help you find your outlet of choice

Providing a white background for this app makes for good readability even under harsh sunlight. Furthermore, the sleek and precise way in which the icons are placed on the homepage ensures that there is no confusion for even the most amateur of users.

Since the call function is integrated into this app, there is no need for the user to first find the phone number using this app and then giving the desired input in the Call screen of his phone; a few taps on this apps shall suffice.

Screenshot of call feature in the Mumbai Helpline app

The integrated Call feature of the Mumbai Helpline app

To increase the popularity of this app, the developer could have added more information about the respective establishments; which could include the accurate location on a map and the detailed menu of the selected restaurants. Also, the horizons of this app could be widened by providing the contact information of increased services such as movie theatres and more restaurants. A good way to do this would be by integrating the Book My Show and Zomato apps to the “Mumbai Helpline”.

All things considered, this is an average app and doesn’t jump out of the page as it has nothing new to offer. The massive amount of blank space on the homepage only supports the feeling one gets that this is an incomplete app with quite some work in progress. That being said, this app does provide important helpline numbers with absolutely no fuss and is worth a try for a Mumbaikar.

Do let us know your reaction about Mumbai Helpline app. Don’t forget to thanks the developer, your feedback is precious for him.

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