Organize your life with Evernote smartphone organizer app

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As we all know, elephants are attributed with a flawless memory and this is probably the reason why a pachyderm features on the logo of “Evernote", an easy-to-use note making app or you can say a life organizer which is available for download on all the popular platforms out there. With this app installed in your handheld device, you need not worry unnecessarily about your shopping lists, doctor’s appointments or other important things to be noted; this app is the entire package.

Screenshot of Sign In or Register page in Evernote

The initial launch screen which prompts you to Sign In or Register

The very first time you launch this app you will be prompted to either “Sign In" or “Register". This is a step that cannot be skipped, because you have to create an account on Evernote to which all your future notes will be synced to. It is recommended that you have access to high speed internet connectivity, since waiting for a significant amount of time with a slow 2G network will leave you frustrated.
Once you come up with a unique user name and password, you are all set to Organize your life with Evernote. The interface is extremely user-friendly and with everything right where it is supposed to be, this is designing at its very best. A good five minutes exploring this app is all you need to figure out how to use it, which explains the immense popularity of Evernote over its contemporaries.

Screenshot of Sychronization on Evernote

This is what your screen will look like once the sync begins.

With its near-perfect layout and fluidic navigation, Evernote will leave you wanting for more. It is incredibly rich in features and works with minimal hiccups. Seeing an app with such varied functions, you might expect a little lag; but to the contrary it works smoothly, even lag-free. In the notes you make using Evernote, in addition to the usual text and audio notes, you can also add images, reminders and tags. An interesting feature this app boasts about is its ability to digitize Post-it Notes and read your handwriting. This will come in handy when you need multiple copies of the same note; since all those who require it can now use the digital format.

Screenshot of home page of Evernote

Evernote helps you with tips and hints when you first launch this app

Evernote, in every sense of the word, is a truly cross-platform app. In addition to popular phone operating systems (read iOS, Android and Windows Phone), it also includes browser extensions and Desktop applications. Thus, syncing your note in one device enables you to view it on another by simply entering the unique user id and password you set for yourself when you first registered. This is a great way to keep your notes updated on all your devices and proves to be very advantageous for the regular user.

Screenshot of Getting Started page in Evernote

Here’s the Getting Started page, saved as a note in Evernote

The premium version of Evernote retails at $5/month. This might be a tad too expensive for the average user considering the fact that the free version itself is loaded with features. Maintaining different sets of notes for your customized needs is now a breeze with the “Notebook" function which neatly separates your personal life from your professional life.

Screenshot of sample note in Evernote

With the Evernote app it is so easy to add text, audio and check boxes to your notes!

The intuitive interface, coupled with exceptional features and a lag-free experience have all contributed to Evernote 5 winning the Apple Design Award 2013, the most coveted of app designing awards, and rightly so. This is the textbook definition of functionality and we absolutely recommend downloading this app and taking it out for a spin. Evernote is not just another note-making app; it is a “life-organizer tool".

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