How to spice up your Home Screen using the Cool Tiles app

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Though the Windows phone platform is one of the more creatively inclined operating systems out there, it begins to get a little visually boring after considerable use. The tiles of default applications such as the phone, messaging and Internet Explorer begin to seem humdrum; even unimaginative. You need not fret any more, since the “Cool Tiles" app developed by Studio 8 will help you rekindle the romance with your device. You can now spice up your home screen to make your device stand out and sport your personal style.

Screenshot of Home Screen with cool tiles

This is what your new and innovative Home Screen will now look like, courtesy the Cool Tiles app

What this app offers to do is pretty basic; it enables you to add images to the tiles of the most-popular apps you use and thus up the style quotient of your Home Screen. This includes apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, facebook, twitter and also default ones like messaging, Internet Explorer, Alarms and so on.

Screenshot of Home Page of the Cool Tiles app

Home Page of the Cool Tiles app

When you first launch this app, an empty “Tiles" screen with a + button at the bottom opens up. This is where the tiles of the apps you are going to alter will be shown later. Tapping the plus sign takes you to the screen where you actually make the change in the tile. The “Pin" button pins up your selected app to the Home Screen, the “Scenery" button helps you decide the image you want on the tile, the “Gear" button lets you choose the app you want to make a tile for, and the “Trash" button deletes the said tile.

Screenshot of personalized tile option in the Cool Tiles app

Make your own personalized tile by using the Cool Tiles app!

Although “Cool Tiles" includes almost sixty apps for you to choose from, there will always be an app you are looking for but cannot find. In my case, the “Shortcuts" app was the Holy Grail which could not be located here. It is impossible for the developers to include all the apps available for download on the Windows App Store, but they have done a good job by including all the major ones that people use. This has resulted in the rising popularity of the “Cool Tiles" app, which currently has a four and a half star rating out of a possible five according to the 2144 people who have reviewed it.

Screenshot of options page in the Cool Tiles app

Here’s what the options page in the Cool Tiles app looks like

Swiping left or right from the “Tiles" page of this app gets you the “Options" screen. Here you can change the order of the apps as they appear, the accent colour and the wallpaper of the app. Also found here are the Donate and Review features, if you are an altruistic kind of guy.

Though it may seem pretty difficult to use at first, this app certainly grows on you. Soon you will find yourself trying out random combinations of images and apps and pinning them all over to spice up your Home screen; marveling at how great your device now looks. Also interesting will be seeing other people’s response when they see your uniquely designed Home Screen and cast envious glances at you.

Screenshot of different images in the Cool Tiles app

Shown above are the different image options you can use in your tile

This app is robust in the truest sense of the word because even adding up to a dozen tiles does not cause any lagging or unfortunate app crashes. It does what it is asked to do with no qualms whatsoever, and that’s saying something. All in all, if you wish to spice up your Home Screen and break its monotonous barrier, this is the app for you!

This app is available for download at the Windows App Store (click the button below to download)

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