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Valentine Date Planner is an all-inclusive app published by Popup Technologies which educates the neophyte about the A-Z of the dating world. As mentioned rightly in this app’s introduction, it helps you celebrate Valentine’s day throughout the year.

Screenshot of the intro page on the ValentineDatePlanner app

The introduction page of the ValentineDatePlanner app looks like this

When you first launch this app it redirects you to an advertisement page which can be easily skipped by clicking a button below that says “Skip ad”. This takes you to the introduction page shown above and clicking on “Continue” opens the treasure chest of relationship advice which this app contains.

The Valentine Date Planner starts with ideas for a date such as movies, romantic dinners, coffee shops, walks on the beach and so on. Swiping to your left takes you to a page where you get to choose what kind of tips you’re looking to find; be it dressing styles, gifts, how to get a date and what exactly men and women look for in a relationship.

Screenshot of selection options on the ValentineDatePlanner app

This is where you select the kind of tips you are looking for

The dressing tips have two different categories; the default page showing styling tips for women and the next screen with tips for men. These are neatly arranged in an orderly fashion and are categorized into the kind of date you are going for and the socially acceptable ensemble to match with the occasion.

Screenshot of dressing tips for women on a date on the ValentineDatePlanner app

Dressing tips for women on a date

The valentine gifts button takes you to an exhaustive list of creative ideas for gifts. This too is separate for men and women and contains a myriad of gifting options. This page will definitely give you a clear picture as to what you can gift your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

All of this research about the perfect date is pointless if you don’t have the perfect someone to spend it with. That is where the next button, the “How to get a date” button comes into the picture. Clicking this button takes you to a page full of extremely clever pick-up lines; varying from the innocent “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” to the impish “I hear you’re good at algebra. Will you replace me eX without asking Y?”

Screenshot of "How to get" function on the ValentineDatePlanner app

Clever pickup lines on the ValentineDatePlanner app

After you manage to land a date, how do you plan on continuing to see each other? This app comes armed with a “What they want” button which neatly lists down the perfect kind of partner each gender prefers. Simply follow the rules laid down here and there is a very high probability that you two shall be together till death do you part.

The next innovative function of the Valentine Date Planner app is the “Share your feelings” tab. Here, you can upload an image of your loved one, type in a message and share it using any of the social networking apps your phone supports.

Screenshot of the "Share your feelings" page on the ValentineDatePlanner app

“Share your feelings” page on the ValentineDatePlanner app

Swiping further right gives you an insight to the tremendous amount of work put into this app since it includes tips about food for love, do’s and dont’s when on a date, dating budgets, breaking ice, relationship trivia and also how to enjoy Valentine’s Day while being single.


All in all, what we have here is an interesting app with a red backdrop (no prizes for guessing why) on how to have fun this Valentine’s. So give Valentine Date Planner a try and let us know how it helped you.

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