Catch the Daily Weather Update on Windows Phone with Bing Weather

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Do you have an internal battle with yourself before you step out of your home on whether you need to carry your sunglasses or an umbrella? Do you consider yourself incapable of predicting the day’s weather? Worry not; Microsoft Corporation’s “Bing Weather” is here to help you make accurate forecasts about the weather!

Screenshot of home page of the Bing Weather app

This is what the home page of the Bing Weather app looks like

As soon as you launch this app, it determines your current location and provides an overview of the day’s weather forecast. A dynamic full screen image which perfectly captures the predicted weather makes your app’s backdrop, and the font is all white. This makes for a good reading contrast and helps you comprehend the forecast with minimal effort.

In addition to basic weather parameters such as the temperature in degree Celsius, this screen also informs you about the humidity, visibility, barometer pressure and wind velocity. Thus what you have here is a complete guide to the day’s weather forecast and also the feature which lets you find the weather in another place. Simply tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your screen, type in the location whose weather forecast you require and press enter to see a detailed weather analysis of that particular place.

Screenshot of detailed weather forecast in the Bing Weather app

How much more detailed can a weather forecast get?

Swiping to your left gives you a day-by-day weather forecast for ten consecutive days, starting from today. Tapping on the day you choose breaks down the forecast to smaller bits and also includes a graph in order for you to compare future weather forecasts. Swiping further takes to you a page which neatly arranges hourly weather reports for you. This will be helpful for people who plan to go on a long road trip and need to pack their luggage accordingly.

Screenshot of the daily weather forecast in the Bing Weather app

The daily weather forecast the Bing Weather app provides

Another swipe now takes you to the “Favourites” page where you can add all the places you frequently visit in order to know their weather forecast with just a tap. With this feature, you need not unnecessarily type the place every time you launch this app; Bing Weather fetches its weather forecast automatically. This is invariably useful for all the frequent fliers who practically live out of a suitcase and shuffle between different cities across the globe.

Screenshot of Favourite page in the Bing Weather app

In addition to your Home and Current location, you can also add other places to your Favourites page!

Two places, namely your current location and your home location are systematically added to your favourites page, but you are given the option to choose further locations with a simple tap. It is on this page that you are given the option to add any of your favourite locations to your home screen. It should be mentioned here that merely pinning the Bing Weather app to your home screen will also suffice if all you want is a live tile that keeps you updated with the latest weather forecast.

Screenshot of Bing Weather lock screen

Selecting Bing Weather as your default lock screen helps you view the weather forecast with a simple glance at your phone’s screen

The Settings page also lets you select Bing Weather as your default lock screen. This ensures that the latest weather forecast is always conveyed to you and sudden rains will never seem sudden to you anymore.

Screenshot of home screen with the Bing Weather app pinned

You can also pin Bing Weather to your home screen and use the Live Tile feature

With the Microsoft Corporation tag, you are assured that this app works exactly the way it’s supposed to. The dependence on internet connectivity notwithstanding, Bing Weather is a great app to catch the Daily Weather Update on Windows Phone. With the free download on the Windows App Store and a file size of only around 8MB, you have every reason in the world to try this app out!

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